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Better-For-You Summer Treats


Better-For-You Summer Treats

All of your favorite ice cream flavors are now available as TCBY frozen yogurt in the freezer aisle of your grocery store. Each carton has 7 probiotic cultures with 3-4 grams of protein.  TCBY packaged treats have helped us indulge with half the fat of ice cream.

The Flavors

Mint Chocolate Chip– A cool, arctic wind meets a hailstorm of dark chocolate chips. This is the refreshing result of their union.

Classic Vanilla Bean– 1 00% vanilla. 0% boring. Sweet, creamy and dotted with crushed vanilla beans, this classic is simply perfect.

Double Chocolate Chunk– Decadent pieces of solid chocolate wrapped in—you guessed it– velvety chocolate. Because the only thing better than chocolate is more of it!

Extreme Cookies ‘n Cream– Extra creamy vanilla. Cream-filled chocolate cookie chunks. Major deliciousness in every bite. Might as well grab an extra spoon!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough– B ite size pieces of your favorite dough surrounded by creamy vanilla yogurt. Feel free to lick the spoon!

Chocolate Moose Tracks– The search is over! Enjoy the bounty of our rich and famous chocolate frozen yogurt covered with peanut butter cups and Famous Moose Tracks.®

Sea Salt Caramel Swirl– A hint of sea salt, waves of rich caramel, and oceans of flavor. Jump in!

English Toffee Crunch– The perfect blend of creamy and crunchy, with ribbons of chocolate covered butterscotch candy decadence. No accent required.

My husband and I picked the flavor that was calling our names.  I decided to indulge with Sea Salt Caramel Swirl– deliciously decadent.  My husband picked Double Chocolate Chunk and we may or may need to pick up another…

I love that I can satisfy my sweet tooth without the feeling of regret.  Seriously, after finally getting back in shape I don’t want to derail with too much of a good thing.  Thankfully I can have a couple scoops of this and not feel an ounce of guilt.



My favorite way to relax is propping myself up in a chair outside with a bowl of decadence, as I watch my two favorite munchkins run their last bits of energy off at night.  I can not believe that this was Raymond’s first day of preschool.  He LOVED school this week and I just can’t help but thinking that, “He survived.”  A food-allergy parent’s mantra. 

I am so happy that we get to share this fabulous Better-For-You Summer Treat and include a fabulous coupon so you can run out and grab a couple to try yourself! And that’s not all scroll down to find a GIVEAWAY for three months of deliciousness.


Readers in Denver, Phoenix, and Houston head to the Get The Scoop Tour for $1 off coupons so you can swap out your ice cream for TCBY frozen yogurt, too!



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What TCBY flavors are you most excited to try?

Now that we’ve tried two my husband has his eye on Chocolate Moose Tracks while I like to stick to a flavor that I KNOW is amazing.  Flavor shy.


4 Responses to Better-For-You Summer Treats

  1. My favorite flavor is the chocolate moose tracks they have amazing frozen yogurt!!!!

  2. I would like to try the Chocolate Moose tracks, sounds great I’m a chocolate lover!

  3. It’s been so hot here we’ve been enjoying making homemade coconut milk ice cream almost weekly. That or we’ll hit up a yogurt shop for froyo! Good thing they’re on every corner these days 😉
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  4. I would like to try English Toffee Crunch.

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