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Big Boy Haircut

As a new mom I thought for sure that I would be cutting The Toddler’s hair when he turned one. And when I mean cut, I mean buzz-cut.  Fast-forward to his first birthday and he didn’t even need a trim!  A month later I finally took some hair-cutting scissors out and trimmed a half-inch off the back.

Over the next couple of months I trimmed his hair-of which he would have the biggest fit you can imagine.  He is petrified of scissors.  Not that he has ever had a bad incident with one.  He just knows that he hates them.  Like a dog that hates the vacuum.  An innate sense that its just evil.  Hilarious and incredibly sad folks.

I had to laugh a little to myself for making my toddler think that he was dying for those two minutes I cut his hair… seriously two minutes of the loudest, gut-wrenching cries known to mankind.  Sheer terror.  Pun unintended.  Happy coincidence.

As I look back, the past three months have been full of bad hair days.  He loathes to clippers.  I am reluctant to buzz-cut… I really don’t think many people look good with that short of a cut.  And finally, after a really bad sick day-one that I made the husband stay home for-I sent both boys off to get hair cuts.  Apparently,  it didn’t go too well because when The Toddler returned his hair was untouched.  At least I am not the only one that has a hard time cutting his hair?

So I make an appointment to a local kid’s haircut shop.  The lady owns it and has two lovely women that cute hair with her.  The Toddler was overjoyed to see that he was going to sit in a red sports car, watch Scooby Doo, hold toys, and not have to wear a plastic cape.  Goodness does he loathe those plastic capes.

So here is our little boy… and his adventure with his first big-boy haircut!



 I am happy to say that we will be frequenting that salon!  The woman pictured is the owner and was so sweet and patient with our little man.  So glad that we were able to have a pain-free, tear-free experience!  

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