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Big Boy Photoshoot

Working on photo-shopping a T-Rex into the background…. will be putting a print of that up in The Toddler’s room!

Waving “Hi” to the other kid at the park!
After his brand-new big boy haircut, The Toddler needed some new pictures.  He didn’t- but I did!  We got him some Hot-Tot’s Hair product-he is allergic to every product under the sun-except for them- lucky we saw that product on Shark Tank!  Watching Shark Tank on Friday nights together as a stay-at-home date isn’t all that bad when you find products that positively impact your own child’s life!

We got him dressed Saturday morning-did his hair for the first time… ever, and set out to our local park to take approximately two minutes of pictures before he made a mad-dash to the big toy!  Thankful for my fast shutter-speed and new big-girl camera!  The gift that keeps on giving when it comes to having quality pictures of  kids!

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