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Holiday Diaper Bag Necessities

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For the first three holidays with little ones we traveled to see family.  We learned quite quickly what the necessities were to manage hours in the air, or a day of travel by car with a baby and toddler.  Today I am sharing the Must Haves for your Holiday Diaper Bag.


Holiday Diaper Bag Necessities for Baby & Toddler

Holiday Diaper Bag Necessities

Light Swaddle Blankets

Perfect to layer when cold, snuggle with when not feeling well, and to cover up if you need to feed or are around someone not coughing into their elbow.  The holidays bring all sorts of cheer- and germs- protect your little ones the best you can.

Snacks & Bottles

Always bring four hours more than you need.  Always.  A delay at the airport, a car accident that holds up the freeway?  Both have occurred and everyone knows that a hungry baby OR toddler is an angry one.  Think HULK- you don’t want to see him when he is angry.  Small cooler on the plane is allowed for kids and you can bring one in the car.  A little planning saves a lot of headaches.

Toys & Books

I always hid a couple of their favorite toys(such an evil mom) the week before a big trip and they would magically reappear throughout our voyage which led to a much happier trip by all.  If you have a baby and plan on traveling on a plane?  Get a book with just kid’s faces in it.  Literally HOURS of entertainment.  Saved me more times than I want to admit.



Clutch ‘n Clean Wipes

The Clutch n’ Clean Wipes were a saving grace.  Just enough to throw in your diaper bag, purse, and car-no switching them out each time or looking for more wipes AND they don’t get dry like other small packs available as they actually CLOSE.  Plus I buy the big packs at a big box store and just replenish when my wipes go out in any area. Super simple and we have used these for almost the last two years. I grabbed two packs while picking up a prescription at my local CVS. #CVSHuggiesHeroesHuggies-for-the-Holidays-at-CVS


I always, always packed one diaper per two hours of travel.  When traveling by car it is much easier to have more than that readily available-just make sure you can reach it.  Plus bring ziplock bags on the plane to dispose of diapers… believe me you don’t want to be the reason for THAT smell.  Thirteen flights by myself with my baby and toddler taught me that QUICK.


Bandaids Make Everything Better

Small First Aid Kit with Baby Medicine

Picking up medicine on the road for baby if goodness a fever spikes or perhaps the toddler was over-zealous in the airport and skinned their knee(cough cough-happened to us-cough cough).  Colds go around and sometimes you have to stick to your travel arrangements whether or not everyone is feeling up to par.  Baby medicine can stay with you in your diaper bag when traveling-just pull it out at security in a ziploc bag.  Plus bandaids make EVERYTHING better-toddler parents know what I am talking about.

Change of Clothes

For clothes we always packed an outfit for every two hours of traveling that was “reachable”.  Carry on luggage, diaper bag, or quickly accessible in the car for those blow-outs that can and do happen when you least expect it.  More than one time we were on our LAST set of clothes and were grateful we did the two hour packing method.


Last holiday we were waiting in line to see Santa and low and behold they were handing out candy canes to people in line.  Don’t ask a child if they can have a candy cane… makes my job infinitely harder as a parent.  So both the one and three year old have a candy cane right before pictures with Santa.  Mom Fail.  Both were covered in red stickiness-and smiles-way to make a mom feel like a grinch!  Thankfully I grabbed my pack of Clutch ‘n Clean wipes out and scrubbed their faces down.


  And voila! The happiest little family meeting Santa…well, at least they weren’t covered in red sugar.

You win some, you lose some.


What are your Holiday Diaper Bag Necessities?

What is one item you would tell a new mom to add to her diaper bag this holiday season?

Would love to hear your ideas!

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How to Help with Diaper Rash

Throughout my years of mothering I have seen some doozies.  Diaper rashes can be a nasty little reason your child isn’t happy and one that you can usually fix at home.  Here are a couple ways that after having two kids, in under two years, I used to survive with two in diapers.


How to Help with Diaper Rash


As often as you can let them be free of any diaper or clothing.  Sometimes that means a mess… it always means there is an adventure afoot.  Just remember-the sooner they heal-the sooner they get back to their happy napping/sleeping through the night selves.  It makes a difference to EVERYONE’S sanity.


If they can not live as freely as mentioned above, goodness knows there are PLENTY of times they shouldn’t be running-crawling-laying around without pants on, make sure to check their diaper frequently and change them immediately.


With Raymond he had MANY allergies and still does.  A lot of them are life threatening and boy did he just react to all sorts of baby lotions-shampoos-sunscreen.  Our stand alone favorite that always worked for BOTH kids is DESITIN.  I have three tubes in the house currently.  One upstairs in the kids bathroom, one in Emma Marie’s room, and one downstairs in the laundry room(centralized location).  Even though Emma Marie is ALMOST night trained with potty training she has accidents and her smooth skin doesn’t take it well.  We slather on a good amount(read the label) and she is a MUCH happier camper.



As always, please consult your pediatrician with any questions or concerns. And for goodness sake-trust that parent intuition.  You know more about your child than anybody else so don’t be afraid of asking too many questions.

And now there is a great COUPON going on at my favorite store to shop at-Checkout the Target Cartwheel offer HERE where you can claim and redeem a 25% off from 10/25 through 11/21 on DESITIN.

I always include a package of DESITIN with any new baby package(friends reading are nodding their heads) and Nana has a bunch that we keep sending her for emergencies.

What is one tip that you have to help with diaper rash?

Would LOVE to hear some other tricks of the trade!



Baby Food & Baby-Led Weaning

Over the last four years as a parent I’ve learned quite fast what works AND what doesn’t work for us in the meals department. One thing I do know for certain is that each child is different. Hopefully with my tips you can find something that works for you and your family.


Baby Food & Baby-Led Weaning

Home-Made vs. Store Bought

Home Made

For Raymond I made 90% of all of his pureed baby meals at home. The cost comparison is a no-brainer. I am beyond thankful that four years ago I made all of my own baby food as we soon found out Raymond has multiple life-threatening food allergies. Most of the baby food on the market contained some sort of percentage of apple with is a big trigger for him and why I am once again thankful that I made our own.

I would steam fruit and veggies-then drain them and mix them in a blender(using the water from steaming as the mixer + added health benefit) and then would put them all in freezable containers and labeled them with contents and date. Date is definitely essential as some freezers are where food goes to die… I have been definitely working on that over the last few years!

Store Bought

With Emma Marie in the picture before Raymond was even two, life got BUSY fast. The time I used to spend at night making batches of baby food were now times that I was working as their naps just never-EVER- seemed to match up. I called it Whack-a-Mole. One was always up for the first year of two babies. So I proudly made the best decision for our family and bought Beech-Nut Originals. Healthy baby-food without the added apple.

We stocked up on her favorites of Sweet Potato, Apple & Blueberry Mix, and Pears. She never turned down one that we gave her, but those were her running favorites. Peace of mind in a jar and a little bit of extra sleep…

Puree vs. Baby-Led Weaning


Raymond would not for the life of him eat anything remotely chunky. Gag Reflex like woah. So he was THRILLED to eat purees all day-every day-like it was his job. It was easy to whip up a couple batches 1-2 times every two weeks. He had puree’s every day from four months through turning a year old. The first few times learning the system of cooking and getting the consistency I wanted-smoother at the beginning and thicker as he got older- took an hour longer than any other time I went to make baby food.  The color is strikingly different than that of the same “baby food” you see in the baby food aisle.  Save for one that was “new to us” with Emma Marie.

Baby-Led Weaning

Perhaps as the second child she was a bit more adventurous. But most likely they are just different kids. Emma Marie tried to grab food off of our plates at four months. At six months she could dominate a Chipotle Burrito Bowl like she was in an eating competition. Or starving. Yes, it looked like my six month old was never fed with how fast she would down a burrito bowl. Her bowl: Brown Rice, Black & Pinto Beans, Chicken, Cheese, and Lettuce. The adult size.

At six months old I started with chunks of bite sized soft food(brush up on your baby CPR and Heimlich-I did) and she would do her darnedest to pick up the pieces and eat them. She loved a cup of black beans, grilled chicken, steamed veggies that were diced up(very small), quartered grapes, strips of waffles and the tiniest slivers of banana. She actually asked for a whole banana at eight months old and from then on out ate the banana in it’s entirety. Raymond in his wildest dreams wouldn’t have thought that was a good idea. He LOVED being spoon-fed and didn’t even hold his own bottle until he was eleven months old. (bows) Your majesty.

Remember each kid will thrive their own way. Just make sure you have an open mind.



Below you will find exactly what Baby & Toddler Meals look like at our house over the past few years.

Now onto a GIVEAWAY opportunity with a brand that my family knows and trusts!

Beech-Nut is the brand we trusted with Emma Marie and I am just so happy that they are continuously working on making healthier and more organic baby food options. All of which contain what they say they do on the front! No bait and switch marketing and added apple.


Recently I attended Mom 2.0 Summit and was able to hug some of the people that have made such an impact in the way that baby food is processed and mass produced. Seriously, the food our children eats is incredibly important to us and I hugged everyone from Beech-Nut. As an allergy-mom knowing EXACTLY what is in each of the batches is pivotal to the safety and well-being of my children.

From Beech-Nut’s Site:


Close to Home: We get the best-quality ingredients we can find, staying as close to home as we can but going where we need to in order to get the best quality.
Cold Puree: We love food just the way it is and don’t want to do anything more than what’s necessary. In order to avoid losing any nutrients or flavor, we blend our food before cooking. That’s why we call it “cold puree.”
Take the Air Out: If you’ve ever left a cut apple on the counter, you know that air can do bad things to good food. Deaeration is a fancy way of saying we take the air out of our puree. Taking the air out means we don’t have to add any artificial preservatives to keep the good stuff in. The good stuff is everything that lets you know this is real food: vibrant color, natural aroma and thick texture.
Use Indirect Heat: When we cook our real food, we use indirect heat similar to a double boiler so that none of the flavor or nutrients gets watered down. Cook time varies according to the ingredients; you wouldn’t cook a pear and a sweet potato for the same length of time, and neither would we.
Use a Glass Jar
Well, we are partnering with Beech-Nut to send FOUR lucky people FOUR cases of ORGANIC Baby Food!  I was able to sample these at Mom 2.0 Summit and quite honestly was stunned with how good they tasted.  Most times after making my own pureed food for Raymond I would shudder at the thought of tasting it… but a mom has to do what a mom has to do.  I guess I just never picked the right paired veggies and fruits!

Hip Hip Hooray!



Winners will receive ten jars of their new Organic Line of Just Carrots, Just Peas & Spinach, Just Apple, Raspberry & Avocado, Just Butternut Squash & Corn.



There are FOUR total possible entries for this giveaway. You can complete all FOUR- just make sure you tag your comment with all completed entries.
1. Leave a comment on the bottom of this post on why you would want to win a 40 Count Pack of Beech-Nut Organics. Please include your name and email in the post so that I can contact you if you are the winner!
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Did you/Do you use purees with your baby?
Have you tried Baby-Led Weaning?

Spread the Love



Most of our days are spent out and about- honestly with a toddler and preschooler it is a NECESSITY. We are incredibly lucky to be able to be outside every day of the year here in sunny Arizona.  Unfortunately, some of those days are 120 degrees, but sprinklers can be run and baby pools filled up with ice.  PLUS am I ever excited about our Slip & Slide.

One of the places that we spend a lot of our time is our local Rec Center.  Tumbleweed Rec Center is an incredible source of free and cheap entertainment, kids activities, and health fairs.  Huggies has let us nominate a community project in our area with their #UltraHug Campaign on Social Media. Tumbleweed Rec Center could sure use the extra $2,000.

When Raymond was little we attended a fabulous Health Fair and were able to score a FREE bike helmet for our little tike.  That was two years ago and due to budget cuts they have not been able to Spread the Love recently.

I am ALL about Bike Safety and am a huge advocate for practicing what you preach.  Seeing as if you follow me on Instagram you will find that ALL of us wear Bike Helmets when we ride.  Helmet hair is much cooler than head trauma.  All day, every day.



Now that Emma Marie is starting to ride the balance bike we are glad that she willingly obliges us with putting her helmet on, every time.  Being a good example helps.  When EVERYONE else is doing it? Much better.  In the eye’s of a stubborn toddler that can be the difference between smooth sailing and a complete meltdown. I would love nothing more than for other families to be able to ensure that their kids are covered.  I will definitely be posting on Twitter AND Instagram about Tumbleweed for the #UltraHug Campaign.

Helmets Save.


Spread the Love with YOUR Community

As kids, nothing beats spending a day in the sun. The playground was your castle, the ocean was a monster trying to swallow you up, and hiking with your family made you feel like a great explorer.

What places in your community do you look back on with nostalgia? Or, what places do you and your family currently enjoy hanging out just appreciating each other’s company?

As they say, “The best things in life are free,” and this applies to many of our local parks, playgrounds, beaches, and rec-centers. These places bring us so much joy, and now it’s time to give back with Huggies!



Nominate your community project by uploading a selfie of you and your baby to Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #UltraHug. Be sure to include details in your social posts about the project you are nominating. In your story make sure to share why the local community project you selected is important to you, and how it will impact those in your community.

From April 20th until June 25th, Huggies will be accepting all selfies of you and your baby with the hashtag #UltraHug, and featuring them in a collage on the campaign landing page.

On July 6th, voting will begin to narrow down the 20 finalists to 10 winners who will win a $2,000 grant from Huggies for their nominated community initiative.


Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers at Walmart

Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers offer long-lasting leakage protection you can count on, so you can focus on all of your baby’s daily adventures. The range of sizes fit babies from newborn to 35 lbs. Only Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers have a new, unique quilted liner to lock away wetness better.

They have a conforming, gap-free fit to keep your active baby dry throughout the day The trusted Leak Lock® System has quick-absorbing layers for up to 12 hours of protection.


How to Enter the #UltraHug Selfie Contest

• First, take a selfie of you and your baby and upload that selfie to Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #UltraHug
• In your same post, make sure to include a text nomination (approximately 100 – 120 characters) including a name and/or identifying description of a community project in the US, which you would like to nominate. Make sure the community project is something near and dear to your heart.


Helpful Hints

You can check out for yourself how these diapers are essential for our Top FIVE Bedtime Tips and Tricks with a Baby & Toddler.  Seriously, life-changing.  I treasure my sleep.  And SLEEP is essential for my sanity.  I think most parents would agree with that assessment.  We also are THOSE people that have a successful nighttime routine that we’ve had in place now for YEARS.  Goodness did my mom heart just skip a beat.  We’ve been parents for close to four years.


Time is no parent’s friend.


What project would you like to nominate in the Huggies #UltraHug Contest?  

Who in your community could put $2,000 to good use?

Are you a fan of the nightime  bedtime routines?


Would LOVE to hear from you!

On the Go Meals{& GIVEAWAY}

Meals must be thought out ahead of time in our house… not because I am all sorts of organized(that would be lovely). Instead it is from a whole slew of food allergies that make it almost impossible for us to eat on the go.  The list is twenty-four foods deep and not getting any smaller.  So we make it work with a large and in charge diaper bag full of necessities, because honestly no one likes a hungry preschooler(or toddler for that matter).   AND? My kids like to eat.  Luckily, they LOVE veggies, chicken, and all sorts of things I wouldn’t have thought to add into our diets that were lovely finds after being diagnosed with food allergies. On our visits to the Phoenix Zoo, that happen weekly, I bring enough food with us to feed them for six or more hours… and they usually eat every last bit of it.
Brother Sister Time
Snacks range from our Allergy-Friendly Chex Mix, fresh fruit and veggies, and their most favorite snack of all-what we like to call a “treat” for them is plain greek yogurt with fresh blueberries.  My one year old and three year old LIGHT UP when they see this snack make its way out of the diaper bag.  Of course, we need to make sure to say hi to all of the animals, run out the crazies at the pirate ship, and do our first lap before we sit down for our Zoo Picnic.  We usually stop at two spots to eat. This morning we TRIED to stay at one because Emma Marie’s favorite thing in the world(this week) is birds.  So ducks galore was her happy spot.
Feeding the Ducks
Unfortunately, as you can see in the background the geese thought the ducks were being fed by us and swam their way over… and they are definitely not the nicest.  So as the hisses started we all dashed for our other spot. Emma Marie ran the fastest… last time we saw a grown adult get attacked by one(not feeding the birds) and another get landed on while walking with a stroller.  Rowdy birds.
Tonight We Feast
Our FEAST was moved.  All hail the travel set!
Nuby Giveaway
Sweet, sweet sanctuary! We found our secluded spot overlooking the lemur island and set about getting out the goodies.  Emma Marie knew EXACTLY what treat we were having for lunch when I propped that on the table.  Greek Yogurt for the win!  And Nuby is letting me give away one set to you- my fabulous readers!


So excited that you will get to see how invaluable this gem is for daily adventures. Find out how to enter below.
Picnic at the Phoenix Zoo
Too Cool for School.
Flamingo DanceOur new activity at the zoo? Act like all of the animals! Apparently talking like them is so last week… we went around and acted like every single animal we saw.
That’s right, we.  I was hopping on one leg like the flamingos… Good times were had by all!


The Nûby™ Travel Set is designed to keep your baby’s utensils and your diaper bag clean, tidy and hygienic whilst out and about. The handy travel case comes with an easy to use spoon and fork set and is perfect for mom and baby on the go.

Available at these fine retailers:

    • Ross Dress for Less
    • DD’s Discounts
    • Bealls
    • TJ Maxx


Now YOU can know how marvelous this set is!  Nuby is giving away one set of the Mealtime Travel Set!
There are FOUR total possible entries for this giveaway.
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