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Girls Brunch Ideas

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The season for being thankful is upon us.  As the year ends I love to surround myself with the kind souls I hold most dear.  Girls’ Brunches are a fabulous way to get together, eat WAY too many pastries, orange juice concoctions, and of course no need to wake-up early- IT IS BRUNCH.  Everyone wins.  Check out my Girls Brunch Ideas and fabulous Simply Orange Mocktail.


Girls Brunch Ideas

Planning a Tablescape

I love starting with a theme for the party I am hosting.  I typically shy away from bright colors and tend to thrive within a neutral pallet.  When thinking about options I knew that I wanted earth tones as the base and to use winter whites with pops of gray and silver.  Star plates with a sparkly silver center plate were the focal points of the seating arrangements.  I stopped into my local Albertsons to grab all of the food, flowers, and of course drinks.

Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart

Brunch Eats & Drinks


-Chocolate Eclairs

-Decadent Caramel Apples

-Fruit Tarts

-Pumpkin Bread

-Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake Bread

-Orange Cranberry Bread

-Simply Orange Juice

-Bag of Ice

-Fizzy Flavored Water

Cheers Friend

Cheers Friend

BRUNCH Pastries

Brunch Pastries

When styling the table I tend to use mix-matched plates in the same color and texture.  I love the layering effect that it creates and just enough of a difference helps create a unique tablescape.

Layering the Look

Layering the Look

Simply Orange

Simply Orange Mocktail

Mocktail Recipe

-Simply Orange

-Chilled Carbonated Water- Raspberry Flavor

-Fresh Strawberries & Cantaloupe

Start by filling the glass 2/3rds full with Simply Orange, add in the Raspberry Fizz, and plop a piece of strawberry and cantaloupe- I think the MORE the MERRIER when it comes to fresh fruit in my drinks- so add in more if you are like-minded. (High-Five Fruit Lovers of the World!)

Simply Orange- Delicious taste-Never sweetened-Never frozen-Not-from-concentrate!

Decadent Caramel Apples

Decadent Caramel Apples


Brunch So Hard

Girls Brunch Ideas

Cheers to Friendship

Love being able to hear the echoes of new and old friends alike.  Life moves so fast at the holidays with To Do Lists and family activities.  I find that if I don’t make the time to see those I hold most dear, and plans aren’t made, then before you know it the New Year is here and we are off to the races.


Brunch Ideas

Shopping for Brunch


So MAKE plans, head to Albertsons, and gather around with those that matter most this season of life.  Family is important but friends choose to love you and be there for you.  Make sure you see those dear to you before the New Year hits.  Make time.

What are your favorite Brunch Recipes?

What is a good mocktail recipe?

Would love to hear from you!

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Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade Mocktail Recipe

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As the temperature heats up here in the desert I find making a refreshing mocktail completely necessary.  The Raspberry Lemonade Mocktail is easy to make and even easier to customize to taste.  Check out this fabulous recipe and grab the ingredients the next time you’re out shopping. Easy, DIY Mocktail for the win!


Raspberry Lemonade Mocktail Recipe


-Dasani Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

-Dasani Sparkling Lemon

-Fresh Lemons

-Fabulous Glass (or to-go cup)


Dasani is relaunching favorite flavors in NEW Dasani Sparkling sleek cans at Target. They are definitely thinking about how to keep your drink fizzing… the longer AND sleeker cans kept my drink from going flat even after stopping to play Hot Lava Monster three times.  A mom’s job is never done.  Reminds me of how certain glasses are shaped the EXACT same way to keep the fizz- smart move.

I grabbed a case of Dasani Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade and Dasani Sparkling Lemon while on our weekly trip to Target. Special introductory price of 3 for $9! You can bet that the GORGEOUS glass featured here is from the Dollar Spot at Target.  Such a win to be able to pick up literally- everything while running errands at one store.


Target for the Win!


Make sure you grab BOTH flavors of Dasani Sparkling for this fabulous recipe.


-Cut up one lemon- easy and small wedges are your friends.

-Juice one lemon- that’s what I call it.  Grind that baby to pulp, literally.  Then remove the seeds and throw away the peel.

-Pour the juice and extra bits into a small glass-I keep the extra in the fridge to easily make a mocktail in a pinch.


-Grab a glass. Add ice-I prefer more ice as it is in the 90s here.

-Add 2 parts Dasani Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade.

-Add 1 part Dasani Sparkling Lemon.

-2 Dashes of Fresh Squeezed (pressed) Lemon Juice.

-Add Wedges for flair-and to help with refill taste.


Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade Mocktail Recipe

Seriously, with the fresh lemon juice being stored in the fridge it is dangerously easy to make another Raspberry Lemonade Mocktail.  Not like that is a problem at all.  Easy AND delicious.


After spending hours at our local Air Force Base taking in the sights, sounds, and supporting our local military you can bet I made one of these bad boys as soon as we made it home.  Refreshing and definitely a healthier option that is exactly what I look forward to in the afternoon. The new Dasani Sparkling flavors help make every moment sparkle just a bit more.  And goodness that is all you can ask for.

Find more easy to make recipes that are refreshing and fun to make by visiting this link: NewWayToSparkle.

What is your favorite afternoon drink?

Mocktail recipe?

Would love to find another winning combination before triple digits hit here!

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Mother’s Day Tea in the Backyard

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A Mother’s Day Tea Party in the backyard is exactly what I am planning for this year!  Tons of small, sugary delicious bites to eat, and plenty of tea (and non-caffeinated options) to go around.  Break out the tea cups and floral dresses-it’s time for a fun backyard celebration.



I love the thought of everyone bringing a tea set or two that they’ve loved or thrifted to exchange and bring home a new one to cherish.  I will set up a small table to display the ornate collection near the beverage bar.  You can not have a Tea Party without PLENTY of tasty beverages.  Our weather heats up fast so I will double brew the tea and then let it cool to room temperature, before placing it in a glass to store in the fridge.  Double-brewing is KEY for making a fabulous iced-tea out here in the desert.  Of course I know that some of us prefer our caffeine to be in a coffee creation so I will be prepping a couple quarts of The Best Cold Brew Iced Coffee. Hands-down-the best.


Tea & Crumpets

Honestly, I can not wait to make some Sweet Pink Treats– they are so photogenic and more importantly-delicious. Of course a plain tower of Rice Crispies cut into squares, some finger sandwiches, and of course cookies will need to be served.


The backyard is going to be on display as I will be pulling out the tables and all of our chairs for our Mother’s Day Tea Party.  Thankful that a little prep with Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed & Feed our backyard is turning into a lush oasis.



I grabbed the Weed & Feed at my local Walmart while picking up some school supplies. This product will cover up to 5,000 square ft. Helps you rid your lawn of the weeds you see and thicken your grass to crowd out the ones you don’t!



I already own a Scotts spreader and gloves(they are a MUST) and was able to quickly get to work prepping the lawn.  Definitely loved how simple the directions were to follow-please read the directions! I cut a hole in the corner and poured the seed in(all while properly gloved-safety first) and went about my way.


Floral Dress & Tea

Recipes? CHECK.

Beverage Bar? CHECK.

Backyard Ready? CHECK.

Now I get to revel in the fact that this FUN dress is the PERFECT addition to a fun Mother’s Day Tea.



What do you plan on doing to celebrate Mother’s Day?  Tea? Massage? A nap?

Looking for specific information for how Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed & Feed can help solve your lawn problems? Click here to sign up for the Scotts’ email reminder service to receive specific tips and information for your area!

Scotts® #LoveYourLawn Sweepstakes

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Holiday Craft Party #StickaPic


Thankful for my partnership with HP and MomSelect as they gave me the best reason to get my college girlfriends together!  Life gets busy as a mom and the three of us hadn’t seen each other in MONTHS.  Easily remedied that with a Craft Night with wine, glitter, and printing!  Can’t wait to share how easy it is to print out family memories now!

Holiday Craft Party- HP StickaPic

I LOVE my chalkboard wall as a photo backdrop and will always, always chalk the pertinent hashtag, because? Blogger til I die.

Yes.  Plus the kids use the chalkboard EVERY DAY and it is incredibly easy to clean up.


Chalkboard Photo Props

Chalk pen markers do not work as easily on those as I thought they would…

But they still turned out to be a fun addition to our Craft Party.


Chalkboard Wall


HP Social Media Snapshots- everyone got to bring some home so that they could continue to print out memories and craft their little hearts out.  I find it is easy to fall into the trap of just keeping all of our memories on social media and on the computer instead of taking the time to print them out.  Well, folks-sometimes technology fails and you should(you NEED) to have some hard copies of your favorite pictures.

The kids both squealed when they saw that I updated the fridge with pictures from this fall. Easy and immediately fulfilling.  And now that I am an Instant Ink convert I don’t need to worry about running out of ink.  I literally will never, EVER run out of ink for printing.  Even if I print out FULL pages of 8×10 photos.  I will never run out.


No one ever turns down a rice crispy treat.  They are the ultimate, nostalgic treat of our past that just hit that sweet tooth spot!  I always have some on hand as they are one of the only allergy-friendly treats available for my son.  Mom Win.  Any way you look at it.

There was wine, sangria, bubbly, and cheese pizza.  Just keeping it honest and classy here.  The cheese board was my favorite as I love to indulge in that favorite snack.


Hours of talking AND printing-mixed with tons of glitter pens and loose glitter made for a festive night.  I kept hearing how, “This is SO easy!” and how, “I’ve wanted this picture printed forever!”.  Downloading the app, covering our frames in glitter, and printing out stacks of pictures had us reminiscing about our kids, jobs, and WAY back when in college.



NEW HP Social Media Snapshots

Currently available at Staples, these sticky-backed photo sheets are perfect for printing, display and reliving life’s moments. Not only can you print directly from your smartphone or tablet, but you can decorate your space with your favorite social media photos.


Download HP Social Media Snapshot app, available for free download in iTunes and the Google Play Store.  With the HP Social Media Snapshots app you will be able to print photos directly from your social media channels as well as your camera roll onto specially sized 4×5 inch, sticky-backed photo paper!


As I cleaned up glitter, I am the one that made a massacre of purple… how does it get everywhere?!? I felt like my battery had been recharged.  Sometimes with kids, jobs, and family activities life gets too busy and you find yourself without any ME time.  Craft Night was definitely exactly what this over-tired mom needed.  Missed those women something fierce.

I truly believe that HP Social Media Snapshots, along with the app, have changed the game for me with party planning and events.  I asked HP over a year ago for this type of capability and am so thrilled that we now can have my wireless printer hooked up and print photos LIVE from the photo booth(chalkboard wall) and that my fridge can be updated in the blink of an eye.

What craft would you make with the HP Snapshots?

Please let me know if you have any questions- I have used the app and sticky-paper for over a month and LOVE it.

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Thank you to HP & MomSelect for sending the fabulous box of party supplies and goodies!

Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Party Favors

For our Minnie Mouse Inspired Second Birthday we chose simple items to include in our Party Favors.  I definitely try to know who is coming to our parties and keep it age-range related so that everyone goes home with something they love.oh-toodles-party-favors-for-mickey-mouse-minnie-mouse-birthday-party-clubhouse

Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Party Favors

I loved putting together a little bag FULL of goodies that everyone could take home.  Our family and friends were able to grab a little something on the way out thanks to Toodles!



Thanks For Stopping By!

Party Favor List:

Pack of Sidewalk Chalk

Two Glow in the Dark Bracelets

Two Sets of Stickers

Special Rice Crispy Treat

oh-toodles-party-favors-for-mickey-mouse-minnie-mouse-birthday-partyAfter the party I did some crowd-sourcing thanks to my lovely readers on my Facebook Page and found some incredibly thoughtful ideas for next time!

Party Favor Ideas:


Play Doh

Matchbox Cars




Small Art Kits

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, couldn’t help myself.

For the Avengers Superhero Party we included the DIY Captain America Shield as the party favor.

For the Bantha Milk & Cookies Bar Party we included the DIY Lightsabers as the party favor.

What are your favorite things to include as a Party Favor?


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