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DIY Romantic Trick or Treat Bag Ideas

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Today I am sharing ALL about how I made a DIY Romantic Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag for my husband!  I loved putting together ideas on what would put a little bit of spice back into our lives!  Our Trick-or-Treat Bag contains: sweet treats, fun surprises, and easy DIY Printable Coupons for you to customize!
Even better? The coupons are FREE!

DIY Romantic Trick or Treat Ideas

DIY Romantic Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Ideas

DIY Romantic- Count Dracula Coupons

Throughout the past four years as parents to two kids close in age -I’ve found that we need to make time for our relationship.  As the school season has begun(our very first), we are exponentially busier with an active family of four.  I want my husband to feel special and loved taking the time with making homemade coupons.

Check out the process and grab yourself a copy so you can send a little love to that someone special!

DIY Romantic Trick OR Treat Bag Ideas Our Adult Trick or Treat Bag contains: sweet treats, fun surprises, and an easy DIY Printable Coupons for you to customize! Even better? The coupons are FREE!


DIY Romantic Trick OR Treat Bag Ideas Our Adult Trick or Treat Bag contains: sweet treats, fun surprises, and an easy DIY Printable Coupons for you to customize! Even better? The coupons are FREE!


DIY Process:

I used card-stock and traced (and traced) out bats that would work as the surface of the coupon.  Through some trial and error I was able to create the right size that I needed to make EIGHT romantic coupons.

After cutting out the card-stock creation, I traced the bat onto a sheet of printer paper.

I scanned the paper into my printer and opened up the PDF into Photoshop.  Thankfully Photoshop helped me darken my “blue” bats and I added on a spooky text.

After I watermarked the printable, I uploaded it to my blog and voila! FREE PRINTABLE!



The Count Dracula-for those that drive you batty- Halloween Coupons

DIY Romantic Halloween Trick or Treat Bag


-Sugar Candies

-Romantic Handmade Coupons

K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®

-Pumpkin Spice Brownies

-Cute Halloween Decorations

DIY Romantic Trick of Treat Bag Ideas for Halloween

Romantic Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

I simply added in some of my husband’s favorite candy, chocolate, the perfect pumpkin spice brownies, homemade coupons, and a fun new way to Spice Up the Season with K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®!

Yours & MIne

I grabbed everything I needed including the cute decorations from my local Walmart and was delighted to see that K-Y® is currently running a coupon for $2 OFF. You can find K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants® in the personal care aisle.

DIY Romantic Trick OR Treat Bag Ideas Our Adult Trick or Treat Bag contains: sweet treats, fun surprises, and an easy DIY Printable Coupons for you to customize! Even better? The coupons are FREE!

Pumpkin Spice Brownies-Spider Decor-Assorted Candy & Chocolate

Romantic Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

I am beyond thankful that I get to do life with my favorite person in the world!  When life gets busy, you MUST make sure that you take time for what really matters, AND who really matters.

Don’t forget to CARVE some time for a massage.

Partake in a Halloween movie night full of chills & thrills!

Spice UP the Season!

And take a BITE out of life (pumpkin spice brownies for the win)!

How will you SPICE up the season with your partner this Halloween?

Hope you all have a safe and HAPPY Halloween!

Fall Bucket List

Every year we try to get outside and participate in Fall events around the valley.  Our Fall Bucket List includes tried and true favorites of both the toddler and preschooler!  I can not wait for the cooler weather!

Flannel, Pumpkins, and Boots! OH MY!


Fall Bucket List

Below you will find our most favorite Fall Activities! There is a Free Printable you can grab too-to hang up on the fridge and check off throughout the season with your family.


Fall Bucket List- Corn Maze

The Corn Maze is a beloved tradition that both my husband and I cherish.  Honestly, who doesn’t love a good corn maze? Although, I will be the first to admit that those haunted corn mazes at night are a no-go.  I am the person that stands her ground when frightened(it is a gut reaction) and high-kicking pretend ghosts is frowned upon last time I checked.  Plus now that we have a two and three year old-haunted anything is really just a major parenting mistake.  Therapy for years, folks.  So we hit the corn mazes right when the sun starts to go down.  The ground is no longer muddy, everyone is usually off eating dinner, and the temperatures hit just right out here in the desert.


Fall Bucket List-Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving is a family activity.  Both Emma Marie and Raymond participated at just one year old.  I don’t love cutting the pumpkins into adorable shapes-the husband brings out the power tools and creates epic masterpieces-but I do love letting the kids help and get covered in goo.  Both of them tend not to mind raw pumpkin seeds, but a gentle reminder about how delicious they are once baked(with a dash of sea salt) and that puts a stop to the premature snacking.


Carving Pumpkins

Both Emma Marie and Raymond take their time and get every single pumpkin seed out of their pumpkin.  Emma Marie didn’t mind the messy texture as much as Raymond last year and she happily helped get the ick out of the pumpkins too.  We will see what they think this year.


Fall Bucket List- Pumpkin Carving

Picking out pumpkins at the farm is a family tradition.  Raymond picked out a perfectly round one, Emma Marie picked a small one, and then the husband and I picked giant ones.  He goes for ones that have easy to carve surfaces(whatever that means), while I tend to try and pick which one has the most seeds.  Pumpkin seeds are truly one of my most favorite things about Fall.


Pumpkin Carving with Toddlers & Preschoolers

One proud little toddler.  That is all of the pumpkin she got out while helping me.  Love making it a family night.  We get the pumpkins prepped, the husband carves them, and I bake up the seeds.


Fall Bucket List-Schnepf Farm

The Schnepf Farm Pumpkin & Chili Festival is a fabulously fun, family affair.  The tickets are a tad expensive, but we have never felt like it ended up being not worth it.  Plus you can grab them at a discount at the local grocery store.  Love going on the rides, the haunted train, and enjoying a family fun night out.


Fall Bucket List-Family Photos

Fall Family Photos -each year the kids get to wear a cute outfit(they are only little once) and I get a new photo to hang-up for the season.  I definitely choose to shoot photos outside when possible and love how these simple shots looks, nearly three years later.


Fall Family Photos

The photos you aren’t seeing?  A certain someone picking their nose.  A pumpkin or two that are being dropped from an un-nerving height. Well, those end up being my most favorite and precious possessions.  Definitely more of a glimpse in time than those perfectly posed-everyone’s smiling shots.


Halloween Family Photos

Obligatory Halloween Shot for the Halloween Wall.  What you don’t know what that is?  Well, my mother started a Halloween Wall of us dressing up every year as a family and we carry on the tradition.  Four Halloween’s in and it keeps getting better!


Fall Bucket List- Family Photos

This year we parked next to a local farm’s corn fields and ran to grab a shot of these two.  They were telling secrets(or scheming) but we loved our five-minute photo shoot.  I cap all photo shoots at ten minutes.  Five is the lucky number.  Just make sure the camera is charged, card has enough memory, and the props are in reach.


Fall Bucket List-Candy Corn Art

I LOVE a good hand-print or footprint art piece for the memories they hold.  This candy corn footprint was Emma Marie’s last year.  She detested the texture of paint on her hands so we chose to do feet for her.  Now at two she relishes her time painting so we are planning on two sets of Candy Corn Hand Prints for the wall.  Can’t wait to get those up!

Painted Pumpkins


Baby & Toddler Painting Pumpkins

Painting Pumpkins -both kids delighted in picking out small pumpkins at the farm to paint last year.  Lovely way to decorate the table.  I use the painted pumpkins as centerpieces throughout October and November. They last much longer than our carved pumpkins who have a shelf-life of roughly 24 hours before they start to mold.

Perfect craft for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! Definitely loved seeing what they created and watching their little minds work.

Fall Bucket List-Vertuccio Farms

Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival is hands-down the family favorite.  Affordable and completely walk-able fun!  We picked out all of our pumpkins from Vertuccio last year, rode the barrel train, went down the epic-ally large slides, fed the farm animals, bounced our hearts out, and were challenged by the deceivingly large corn maze.


Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival is a local MUST for those in the Phoenix area.  We have attended the past three years and are counting down the weeks until we go again!

Free Printable

Fall Bucket List-Free-Printable

Grab your FREE download of this Free Printable HERE- Fall Bucket List-Free-Printable


Thanks for reading!  Would LOVE to hear from you.

What are your favorite Fall Bucket List Activities?

Definitely want to continue to add some fun and new activities each year.


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Summer Bucket List- Checklist

As another Summer begins we sat down as a family to write up a Bucket List of MUST DO activities to conquer before the end of the season.  Sure enough, most of the activities involve water and we are so excited to start checking them off.  You can check-off a Bucket List of your own as I’ve included a FREE PRINTABLE below.  Hope you enjoy!

Lemon Perfection

Water Park

For the holidays my sister got our family passes to the water park up north.  We’ve been three times already but want to make sure that we go again as our summer schedules fill up!  Fun for the whole family and definitely a way to beat the heat out here in the desert.


Slip & Slide

Beach Trip

Our family is moving from Hawaii to San Diego, CA in June and we are hoping to make it out there this summer to get some good, quality time with the cousins.  Beach Days are calling my name.  We had such a wonderful trip to California in May and discovered that both kids are at the PERFECT age(almost 2 and 3) and we can’t wait to dip our toes in the sand.


Emma Marie

Camping in the Backyard

I have the fondest memories of our vacations growing up in the Pacific Northwest and going camping-for a week at a time.  Sometimes bike camping(you bike your supplies in) or hiking in to the campsite.  Being able to disconnect from the world for a bit is refreshing and I feel increasingly necessary in our day and age.  I do not want to go tent camping until Emma Marie is potty-trained, although I’m sure she would love it… and perhaps waiting until she is older would help with going to sleep at night.  This summer we want to set-up our tent in the backyard, roast marshmallows, and “camp” until about 9PM before calling it a night and scurrying back into the air conditioned house.  Temps here only cool off to the 90s sometimes high 80s at night so that will definitely be long enough for all involved.


Bonfire & Smore’s


Chocolate? Good.  Graham Cracker? Good.  Marshmallow? GOOD.  Our family enjoys a treat and we always try to sneak in 2-3 bonfires and smore’s sessions a summer.  Raymond’s severe food allergies prevent him from relishing in the graham crackers-BUT don’t you fear- he gets to eat his chocolate and marshmallow between two rice krispies treats…


Food Allergy Friendly Friday Night Pizza

Friday Night Pizza

The days are long, but the years are short.  There are not many things we can bake with due to food allergies, but his gluten-free, egg-free, arrowroot-free, nuts & tree nuts-free pizza actually tastes good.  BUT what’s more important than that is the fact that Raymond and Emma Marie get stools and chairs and they help make the whole pizza with us.  Sure the kitchen is a mess… but the look on their faces makes it all worth it.


Slip & Slide

Splashpad Adventures

Living in the Valley of the Sun we are fortunate to be able to live near many free splashpads.  I feel uncomfortable with all save for the Zoo’s splashpad as many are too close to roads or are in busy shopping centers.  This will be fine next summer as both kids will be old enough-but to be honest with a one and three year old that are extremely active I feel like a frantic mom who’s losing her mind.  So when we have extra hands and eyes around this summer I plan on hitting up some of my favorite splashpads to cool off from the extreme heat!




The Zoo is my all-time favorite place to take the kids throughout the year.  I just wish it wasn’t a half hour drive.  We will be hitting up our zoo at 7AM this summer and cooling off in the splashpad before we make our way home for lunch!


Nailed It- Sliding in Style

Water Balloon Fight

Last year we loaded up on water balloons and then attacked the hubby as he came home from work.  It was an epic battle and all left soaked.  Now that we can have FOUR water balloon tossers I need to really prep ahead of time, as those balloons take a long time to load up.  I plan on filling up a cooler full during nap time and then let slip the dog’s of war.

Too much?



Loved sitting down and actually asking the kids what they wanted to do this summer.  Making a family wishlist and turning it into an epically fun(do-able) Bucket List was a blast!



Summer Bucket List



Thanks for reading!  I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration to jot down some of your favorite things to do.  As I like to say, messes make memories.  Goodness knows we are in for a messy, memory-filled summer.

Here is our Summer Bucket List Checklist:




Summer Bucket List-Download HERE Summer-Bucket-List-Check-List


Now that I’ve shared our plans for the summer- I’d love to hear from you!


What is something on your Summer Bucket List?

What is one of your fondest memories from growing up?