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Weekend Festivities


Hope your weekend was wonderful! We started out with a rough patch with both little ones spotting a fever-luckily the crud only lasted 24 hours and were feeling much better come Saturday morning. Saturday morning we spent getting haircuts for the guys, grabbing coffee, and then it was time for my first Galentine’s Day Party!


Lovely Bloggers Photo Cred: Photography Hill

The Arizona Blogger Group met-up in downtown Chandler to hangout, enjoy delicious Waffle Luv treats, Sharis Berries, and a small gift swap.  Goodness did it take me long to figure out what I was going to wear… hear me out. I’ve lost 40 pounds in the past three months(all the baby weight is gone-HAZZAH!) and the clothes that fit are now rightly five years old back from my teaching career… AND BOY has fashion changed.  Flare pants? Well, I have A LOT of flare pant jeans.

Having to buy new clothes is not a bad problem to have.  A lack of style sense is though.


Lovely Bloggers Photo Cred: Photography Hill


 Lovely Bloggers Photo Cred: Photography Hill

Galentine’s Day Friends

I LOVED meeting people “In Real Life”-one’s that I have followed for quite some time on social media.  So nice to see that they are just as great, if not more so, in person! We already have plans for a more casual meet-up later on. LOVE THEM.

When I got home Emma Marie and Raymond both grabbed my goodie bags and asked about my time.  I love walking in and seeing them excited to see me. It’s not often that I’m away, seeing as I work at night or when they are sleeping. It’s the little things in life.

After being tackled, we all got our swimsuits on(the kids) and washed the Prius, splashed in puddles, and rode bikes through said puddles.


Selfie with The Little Man



Not Impressed- But she LOVED her loaded nachos.

After demolishing our dinner, it was off to bed.  We called it an early night, because? Tired.

Sunday we decided to go see the Peach Blossoms and visit Schnepf Farm.  So off to the “real farm” we went. Gorgeous day for a stroll.  Loved the new farm stand with fresh organic veggies-so good that Raymond and Em ate two whole peppers on our adventure(while the hubby and I finished the biggest cinammon roll known to man). Because? #Priorities AND I ran into a lovely friend from college and got to meet her little man.









We ventured to the back of the farm to feed the goats! Emma Marie had watched Raymond feed them the past three visits and finally garnered up the courage to feed them. Giggles and squeals echoed through the peach trees.

At home, while Emma Marie took a nap I went through 16 boxes in our garage FULL of baby items that we no longer need. I just wanted to go through it and get it done because it is tied to so much emotion as I was not prepared to be “done”. BUT there are friends having babies and well? We are not. So packages of baby goods have been readied. Feels like a big load off of my shoulders.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Did you do anything fun this weekend? Any style advice?(help a girl out)

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with those you hold most dear.  As a food allergy family we know the perils that can arise and chose to stay home and enjoy the holiday with our little family, gluten-egg-and nut-free.  Knowing that Raymond wasn’t going to grab something off the counter or that there were no cross-contamination issues that he could die from? Peace of mind.


Raymond & Emma Marie




They walked around holding hands for n0-less than an hour. I want to remember this age for





Happy Thanksgiving!


Did you celebrate at home or travel for the holiday?

Did you gobble til you wobbled? We sure did!


Would love to hear from you!


Weekend Update

Happy Weekend All! These past few days flew right on by!  We started the weekend off right at our house- with lots and lots of time outside.  Although it may be Fall, the desert decided to break out another round of 95 degree days.  So naturally we hit the park in the early morning.  The two mile trip with Raymond(The Toddler) on his bike, and Em and I on my bike and trailer goes by quickly.  We play at the park until one of the kids ask to go OR I know there will be a need for a potty-break soon- we are now full-time in underwear during the day(CUE HAPPIEST DANCE EVER).


Afternoon playtime in the backyard called for chalk, sand turtle fun, AND sprinklers!  Both of them giggled for an entire hour as we lived up what I am hoping is the last week in the 90s.  The fence is wet in the background below because from time to time I rinse off their masterpieces(graffiti) for them to have a new blank canvas.



I love this age of sharing, caring about each other, and watching them play together.

 Saturday morning we hit the park bright and early before I had to get ready to go to my first Creative Meet Ups by Crest + Bloom.  I loved meeting all of the lovely ladies! All of the details were fabulous of this event; the food, the favors, and the fantastic surprises. There are so many wonderful women here in Phoenix and it was great to finally put a face to the name of people that I have followed(forever) on social media.





I truly cannot wait for the next event!  If you are local you should check out Jennifer from Henry & Coco and Jenn from Sincerely Jenn– they’ve partnered up to create Crest + Bloom.  I can’t wait to connect with the women I met in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday night I was extremely blessed to be invited to the Zinburger Pre-Opening in Gilbert.  I was able to bring one of my best friends with and we dined on some of the best food I have had in a long, long time.  Getting out without the babies and being able to share our mom problems is so nice.  Being a mom is sometimes a very lonely struggle and I am happy that one of my college best friends has kids so close in age with mine. The Chuck Norris burger is one of their weekly burgers and it was the best burger I have ever eaten- and I am Queen of BBQ.  Their weekly happy hour menu looks divine and I will be visiting again very soon.


We are carving pumpkins tonight and both toddlers are super excited! It remains to be seen if I’m the only one that cleans out the gunk…

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Attend any Fall Festivals(MY FAV)?

Would love to hear from you!

Fall Festival Weekend

Our weekend was full of fall festival fun! For the third year in a row we attended Schnepf Farm’s Pumpkin & Chili Festival.  We feasted on cinnamon rolls the size of paper plates and brownies that melt in your mouth- definitely better than what we typically have for breakfast.

Breakfast of champions people.

The festival opens at 10AM and we timed it perfectly and walked through the gates right at opening.  As most parents know, mornings are the best for activities and coupled with temperatures hitting in the low 90s we planned accordingly.

The General Store offered up comfortable seating and scrumptious desert-for breakfast! Last year we attended the festival at night and delved into their famous chili, cornbread, and chicken. YUM. A special treat for those that attend at night is being able to roast marshmallows at one of the bonfires.  The toddler proudly roasted his first marshmallow last year.

Little Miss Independent loved exploring on her own.  

What I love even more is how she runs over for random hugs!

The Spooky train ride is “not so spooky” at night and PERFECT for toddlers. The highlight was the tunnel and waving at everyone.  Priceless watching them delight in waving at people proudly. Shout-out to all the parents and young people alike that choose to wave back to kids.  

It makes their day!

The Strut

We easily spent an hour picking out perfect pumpkins.  Both toddlers took their time choosing and the only parameters they were given were that it could not be rotting.  Em found her’s at the top of a mound.  The Toddler wandered down through both patches and found his at the very back of the farm. Priceless.


Schnepf Farms 2014

Our family will always attend this Fall Festival. Family memories made.  Now the filthy clothes are in the wash, pumpkins are ready for carving, and I have two happy kids chatting about our adventures.

What were you up to this weekend?

Have you carved your pumpkins yet?

Weekend Update

The weekend went by in a BLUR. Literally- where did the time go?  I was at Blended Conference in Arizona learning all about SEO, Networking, and all of the “Back-End” of blogging that I would say that unless you are a blogger-would never know how much work goes into every single post.  My mind was blown hour-after-hour.  The three day conference had fabulous sponsors, crafts, speakers, and food.  I have an entire notebook filled with items that need attending as a CEO and I am slowly-ever so slowly-getting them ticked off.  

Feel incredibly empowering to be able to see an immediate difference after making some small KEY changes.  One item that needed immediate changing, that was not discussed but I understand to be confusing were my social media accounts not being under the same name.  @Littlefamblog vs. @AsCuteAsABugsEar. BOOM- now all of my social media networks are under my blog name.  And all is at peace in the world again.  Nerd alert. I high-fived myself when that was done.  Then I had to go through all of my contracts and PR accounts to manually change and revise my information- goodtimes people. Goodtimes.

The weekend ended Sunday evening and I made it back home just in time for the bedtime routines in our house.  Lovely and enlightening weekend at Blended. Thankful that I had a carpool buddy and that JoAnn from Whimsicle was there- she is DELIGHTFUL. 

Today my little toddlers and I crafted our heart’s out!  Candy corn paint? Check! Painted pumpkins? Check.  Paint on the carpet?!? CHECK.  I am a firm believer that messes make memories and we indeed made some fabulous fall memories today.

I will be back later this week with my Fall Favorites– that are Toddler Approved.  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  

Did you go to a fall festival?

Pick out pumpkins yet?

Carve or Paint your pumpkins?

Would love to hear from you!

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