Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I hope the elves are keeping themselves busy this time of year and that you and Mrs. Claus are doing well.  I’m writing to you to let you know that we don’t need anything this year.  Of course we will still set out some homemade goodies for you-gluten-egg-and nut-free(perhaps you can re-gift them?) and carrots for your team if you should happen to stop by.  Yesterday we were able to meet you at your workshop and my little ones told us how excited they were to meet you.  Emma Marie became shy all of the sudden, but I swear she likes you, perhaps just from afar this year(or next).  The tears well? Let’s just keep that between us.


Raymond had practiced what he was going to say to you for days(months).  He never faltered and stayed true with his one Christmas Wish for this year.  After you kindly asked him what he wanted he simply said , “A Choo Choo please.”  You came up with a couple more options, “Well, how about a hemi, a truck, or some dinosaurs too?” And he just smiled and said, “No, thank you.”

Your kindness and thoughtfulness meant the world to him.  You took your time talking to him even though there were many other anxious visitors waiting to see you.  For that I am grateful.

You see, for the first time in years our entire family will be together for the holiday.  Our Christmas Wish has come true.  So I know that last year I asked for socks, well this year I simply want to get you a reprieve from the chaos that must be Christmas Eve.  Our family together is the best gift in the world.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays- from our family to yours.

Merry Christmas

Holly Marie

4 Responses to Dear Santa

  1. Awe so sweet! Adorable pic of your kids and santa! Love crying pictures!

  2. Oh, that picture! It’s perfect, and you’re going to love pulling that out year after year!