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Design Themes for Small Spaces

The kids share a bathroom that gets a LOT of use.  Both of them use the bathroom at night, brush their teeth, and generally get ready for the day with their morning routine.  The space is small so the Design Theme has been BRIGHT and AIRY.  Check out how I help make this small space still feel bright with the help of At Home Stores.Decorating-small-spaces

Design Theme for Small Spaces: Light and Airy

First off the high-gloss white paint needed to be GONE.  I painted a light mint color that made an immediate impact on the small bathroom.  The yellow maple cabinets were then refinished to a bright white and the glow from the natural light in the day turned from yellow to warm and inviting.

I attached two white hooks to hang their towels on and added my favorite photos of them (with white frames) from when they were little.

What I desperately needed was a place for them to shower as the bathroom had been primarily used for tub-time.  I shopped at the At Home Stores with both munchkins so they could pick out the shower curtain of their dreams… I was prepared for bright primary colors OR something of that nature but the kids both loved how shiny the silver was on this white shower curtain.  They then helped pick out ALL of the accessories.  The clear brackets holding the shower curtain and liner were a fast family favorite and didn’t break the bank.  I picked out the shower rod as it was a curved one that promised to give more space.  More space?  I’m sold.


All in the Details

Hanging up the shower rod definitely is a TWO person job… although I was able to hang it by myself it wouldn’t have taken nearly as long had I had some help.  Jello arms after holding the bar and attempting to get the correct bracket on?  No fun.

The fabulous extra space the kids have in the shower and immediate ambiance of a curved line?  Worth it.


I literally bought EVERYTHING you need to set-up your own shower-just like I did when I headed to college.  Was fun going through the At Home Stores Campus Collection and reminiscing about picking out pieces with my mom.



I shared on Instagram about a new find that just happened to HOP on into my cart while I was shopping… funny how that happens sometimes.  But with since At Home offers terrific selections at great prices I didn’t feel the pinch when I was wrung up.

Check out At Home Stores for your shopping- especially if you are sending someone off to college OR you are working on redecorating a space at home.

Back to Campus Checklist

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What design theme do you use for small spaces?

Have you tried installing a curved shower rod? Tell me I’m not crazy and that it was hard…. humor me.


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