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Disneyland or Bust


The Toddler couldn’t stop smiling during the character breakfast.  Oh to see the world through his eyes for a day.


Em gave kisses and coy waves to all of the characters throughout the day-then she would hide away and peek back at them with this cute little grin.


For breakfast we resvered our spot online two weeks prior and were able to send in the list of food allergies for The Toddler.  The Head Chef came to our table personally to make his dish and discuss what he would like to eat.  HE was so darn happy with his Mickey waffles. SO HAPPY.


She may be small, but she ate her weight in food at each stop. So thankful that she is free until she is three!






Captain Hook scared the crap out of The Toddler. Like shuddering fear. Pure fear.  That smile is quite creepy in real life- I don’t blame him one bit.


Family Photo with the Mickey statue and castle.


The TIKI’S. These fearsome masks were scary and hilarious… The Toddler just couldn’t figure out which.
Double stroller for the win!  We even left this beauty by The Haunted Mansion to go on a train trip around the park.




When in doubt? See Darth Vadar.  The Jedi Show was a showstopper for The Toddler and Em.  We watched it twice.  Both times The Toddler got to high-five and fist pump a storm trooper- we made dreams come true on this glorious day. Dreams come true!


Naps on the go!




We ate at a breakfast buffet, brought lunch with us and snacks, and a dinner buffet. Best money we spent by far! PLUS? Both kids were free because they were two and under! Em ate four chicken legs, three ears of corn, and a bowl of beans.  The Toddler had two chicken breasts, six ears of corn, and a bowl of beans. AND thankfully- unlike at breakfast when we were on camera patrol-both the hubby and I were able to eat.  That BBQ was the best I have had in a long, long, long time. Plus the music and scenery were relaxing after a fast-paced day.  Just what we needed!








My favorite picture of them.
Dinner wears a toddler out. Superhero shirt for the win!


Em was able to explore the castle and see some of the princesses as The Toddler snoozed.


Starbucks IN Disneyland? Just what I needed after twelve hours hitting the pavement.  Sweet cuddles courtesy of Em.


The Toddler seeing fireworks for the first time? PRICELESS.
At Disney everything is magical… even the tram ride back to the car.
Our trip to Disneyland was everything that I had hoped for and more!  
Our day was full of giggles, gasps, and goofy characters!
The past two months have gone by far too fast. I plan on posting about our tips, tricks, and planning wins that helped keep our trip tears free.  No tantrums in Disney? Completely possible! 



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