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#DisneySide @Home Celebration Cars Kit Unvieling

My two little one’s knew that a box of pixie dust was on the way yesterday… which may or may not have been the reason they were nap evaders- mom fail.  On a much happier note- we are beyond excited about being chosen to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration in February!  Our box featured goodies for preschoolers featuring Cars- Raymond’s MOST FAVORITE THING.


We consider ourselves to be Disney Lovers.  We saved up and last summer were able to show our two little ones the true joys of Disney when we went to Disneyland.  Two toddlers under two at the Happiest Place on Earth for seventeen hours and not one tear shed.






We are saving, saving, saving so that we can hopefully purchase park-hopper tickets this year so that we can visit the infamous Cars Land… that would be such a treat for Raymond! Of course we plan on eating at the same allergy-friendly restaurants as we did last year- Plaza Inn for breakfast and pictures with some favorite characters(waiting in line for pictures in the rest of the park is just too much for our little ones)- the head chef came out to ask what Raymond would like to eat-it is a buffet but as he is deathly allergic to SO, SO MANY foods Disney makes sure to accommodate you as long as you book reservations two weeks in advance(so they can ship in the right food for you-special and sweet).  Raymond received fruit that he could eat(that hadn’t touched the numerous ones he can’t), chocolate milk, and the head chef made him gluten, egg and nut free waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse. To this day-that is the happiest I’ve ever seen him at the table with food.  Pure Joy.  Waffles are the way to his heart.

We brought plenty of snacks and ate lunch on the road(in the stroller), with frozen yogurt and allergy-friendly Mickey Mouse Ear ice cream as dessert.  Dessert at all three meals? Why yes. Happiest Place on Earth-my stomach would agree.

For dinner we made reservations early-4:30PM at the famous Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue. We eat dinner at home around 5PM and thought that since both of them probably would miss their nap(or nap on the run in the stroller) that an earlier dinner would be perfect.  Our babies get cranky if they are hungry and we wanted to avoid any and all meltdowns.  It is tucked away, far from the hustle and bustle.  A fabulous place to sit outside, relax in the fresh air, the smell of the pine trees, and eat the best BBQ buffet known to man.  Emma Marie easily ate 6 ears of corn, three chicken legs, and a big bowl of beans(at just 10 months old).  Raymond was able to eat their chicken, and he probably put away 4 legs and 8 ears of corn. NOMNOMNOM. The cornbread and ribs melted quite nicely  together for me and we were able to stay away from the crowds of the parades and enjoy a long- hour and a half- meal.  Mason Jar drinks? Diet Coke flowing? They know the ways to my heart.

My husband and I already know our route, what worked for us, and what our kid’s would like to see at Disneyland.  But throw in California Adventure? We are lost… we went once when I taught eighth grade and we took our entire eighth grade to the parks… but that was before Cars Land had been built.

So any and all recommendations for that park with an 18 month old and a three year old would be most welcome!


Now onto the fun unveiling that took place last night!  Miss Emma Marie is clad in her baby Storm-trooper Shirt and Raymond is in his beloved Mickey Mouse shirt from Disneyland.  Very thankful for Maria Bailey, her team at BSM Media, and Disney Parks for sponsoring this party!



Now onto the planning! Valentine’s Day Crafts and baked goods(allergy-friendly)! Woohoo! Excited to show our #DisneySide!


Do you know of any Preschool Valentine’s Day Crafts that we could instill some #DisneySide pixie dust into? Please share!

Plus any tips, tricks, posts on California Adventure and Cars Land would be much appreciated!


7 Responses to #DisneySide @Home Celebration Cars Kit Unvieling

  1. How fun! That is a box full of fun if I’ve ever seen one; a little boy’s (and girl’s!) dream! We went to Cars land last summer when my little guy was 2 and he had a blast! He too is a Cars lover. They have Red the fire truck out. Mater and McQueen actually drive the streets and park (taking turns) so you can get pictures with them. We watched them drive and switch places a number of times. There is also a cute Mater statue tucked away a bit by the tractor ride (which is MUCH bumpier than it seems, beware!) that we spent a lot of time at! Not sure if your little man is big enough for the Cars ride but it’s a must for adults, definitely grab a fast pass for that early! You guys are going to LOVE it!!

    • Thanks Julie! Seriously, that box of goodies is everything we could ever need for a Cars Valentine’s Day Party! Our little ones were beyond THRILLED! Thank you so much for your suggestions… so glad that they have so many of the characters reachable-Raymond is going to love that! Bumpy rides scare him as of right now-thanks for that tip-would’ve never thought that when looking at the pictures. And my husband already said he wanted to go on the Cars ride… Raymond might be tall enough… I think we’ll have to see if he is in the need for speed. :)

  2. Loved it all – especially watching the video of the opening and Raymond thanking Disney man!!! Emma rocked the storm tropper t-shirt. FUN IN A BOX

    • Thanks Anne! We are definitely a Disney Family! Both kids had a blast opening up their #DisneySide box of goodies- countdown to the party begins now!

  3. Disneyland is very generous and understanding of special needs. I am so glad your family had such a wonderful trio!

    • Thanks Tammi! I was so thankful that they were so understanding and accommodated us with all of our allergies- lovely to be safe at the Happiest Place on Earth :)

  4. So excited to see your Disney @Home Celebration! I didn’t know how amazing Disney was about accommodating food allergies! That sounds like a pretty fantastic vacation.