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Cheerios Breakfast Bar- Fun Freebie

Growing up as a picky-eater my mom depended on breakfast to start my day off strong.  Our family was very active and on-the-go, always off on another activity. Being able to grab a cup of our favorite cereal to eat in the car was definitely a win!  Now that I am a mom I can truly appreciate how wonderful it is to grab a cup and hit the road.


With a little prep, you can create your very own DIY Breakfast Bar with Honey Nut Cheerios.  I am beyond thankful for cold brew coffee and prepping everything(hello crock pot) before I go to bed.


BEST Breakfast EVER


I prep all of the fruit the night before and place them into tupperware.  That way when morning comes, and I am not a morning person, my two kids do not have to ask over-and-over what breakfast is going to be.  The only fruit I do not cut ahead of time is the banana, which takes less than a minute to slice and serve.

I tend to use real silverware and dishes with the kids at every meal.  I started both around 14-15 months with real dishes and never looked back.  When the kids saw that they got to pour their own milk into their cereal they about lost their marbles.


Cereal Fruit Bar

The ten minutes it took to prep made this a meal that I will repeat monthly.  Sometimes life gets too busy.  We get lost in being busy and do not stop and realize we are missing out on all of these moments.


Most Important Meal of the Day

They exclaimed happily that this was in fact the BEST picnic they’ve ever been on and the BEST DAY EVER.



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What is a BIG win that happened in your life recently?  I would love to share in the joy!

What was your favorite breakfast growing up?

Are you going to go see the movie in the theater?

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