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DIY Jedi LightSabers for your Star Wars Birthday Party

How to make your own CUSTOM DIY Lightsabers for a Star Wars Birthday.  Today we are sharing all the details on how to make your own lightsaber to ensure the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.


DIY Lightsaber

Emma Marie just celebrated her second birthday with a BIG Star Wars Rebels Family Party!  Our little Jedi LOVED being able to choose her own Lightsaber CUSTOM CREATED.


Jedi Training Academy

Shopping List:

6 Pool Noodles(make 12 lightsabers)- 3 blue, 3 green

1 Duck Tape Roll in Black

1 Duck Tape Roll in Silver

Price: $30

Time Spent: Roughly 2 Hours(Watching Empire Strikes Back)

Please Note:  These are meant to be Party Favors so the price and time are well worth it!  Plus the kids love pretending to be Jedis and Sith Lords.  I looked for Red Lightsabers to no avail…. The force was not strong with us then.


The force is strong with this one.

How To Make a Lightsaber

  1. Choose your Saber Color:
  • Travel across the galaxy to seek out your Lightsaber Crystal in the mysterious Force Crystal caves of Ilum.
  • If your hyperdrive is acting up again then go to your neighborhood store and pick out your favorite color pool noodle. Lightsabers are not limited to just green, blue and red; though the store you are in might make that decision for you.
  1. Pick up your Hilt Materials:
  • Duct tape really does work for everything, even elegant weapons for a more civilized age. Usual colors are silver, black and/or gold.
  1. The Blade length:
  • Cut your pool noodle to what length you deem manageable. (in half is a good size).
  1. Creating your Hilt:
  • Measure out the circumference of the pool noodle so you cut slices of tape to the appropriate length.
  • You can start your hilt about 4 -6 inches from the bottom of the noodle. Just wrap the piece of tape around so the two ends connect together.
  • After the end of the noodle is covered you can add little touches like an activation switch or ‘grips’ on the handle.


Jedi Training Academy is in Session


Hilt – the thing you hold on to

Activation Switch – button to “turn it on”

Grips – pieces of tape that look like grips

Power Cell – at the bottom of the hilt which is the “power source” of the saber

Blade – the (luckily) soft, colored foam “Super-Heated Plasma Beam”

Force Crystal – what gives the lightsaber its color and strength


Remember, a lightsaber is as unique a weapon as the Jedi who wields it.


May the Force be with You.

Make your own style and design and don’t get bogged down by status quo.

You can check out the Full Party Details here from our Bantha Milk & Cookies Bar Star Wars Birthday.

No lamps were harmed in the making of this party.  Although please make sure that you train at your own risk.  Young Padawan Learners are quite dangerous with these delicate weapons.

Do you plan to give out Party Favors for birthdays or parties?

If you do I would love to hear some of your favorites! Please share!

2 Responses to DIY Jedi LightSabers for your Star Wars Birthday Party

  1. What an absolutely fantastic idea. My son would love this for his birthday party next month. Thank you for the idea.

    • Thank you so much! My son requested a Star Wars party for his November birthday so we are working on adding in more fun featuring the Jedi Training Academy!