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DIY Star Wars Costume: Han Solo Mom Hack

My love for Star Wars runs deep.  I definitely love the lessons you can learn from the story-line and can not wait to share those with my kids once they are older.  Sharing how a few items in your closet can make for a QUICK & EASY costume this Halloween.

Raymond chose to be a Stormtrooper this Halloween… or at least that is the game plan.

Three year olds and their ideas…

Han Solo Costume

-Blue Pants

-Black Boots

-Red Tape(electrical works nicely)

-White Button Down Shirt

-Black Vest(or Blue)

All of these essentially give you the chance to be a beloved hero and all around great guy for Halloween.  My son makes believe he is ALL types of characters from Star Wars(reads books, plays with LEGO Bricks, has watched Episode One).  I play Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, and Han Solo regularly.

The vest SHOULD be a black one- but we live in Arizona and multiple vest purchases are not cost efficient. Last year it was 95 degrees when we started to Trick or Treat.  Wish I was kidding.  I simply used items I already had in my closet and made my son’s dream come true.


Add in a bit of Han Solo’s famous quotes?


-Someone says, “I love you,” to you.  You simply reply, “I know.”

-“You know sometimes I amaze even myself.”


DIY Star Wars Costume: Han Solo Mom Hack


-“Who YOU calling scruffy looking???”

-“There is no mystical energy field that controls my destiny.”

There you go friends, an easy way to wear what you already have for an epic Halloween Costume!


Hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


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