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Family Pasta Dinner Perfection- Gluten-Free

Our family takes pasta seriously.  Pasta is it’s own food group with nights throughout the week dedicated just to enjoy our favorite recipes.  As a food-allergy parent finding a gluten-free sauce option that pairs well with gluten AND egg-free pasta… and with our busy back-to-school schedule making sauce from scratch doesn’t work during the week.  Keep reading to check out my new, kid-approved find for our Family Pasta Perfection. YUM.


Family Pasta Perfection- Gluten-Free

Thankfully over the past two years there are more and more variations of pasta shapes available that fit our allergy-friendly quota.  Fusilli is definitely the favorite in our rotation.  With gluten-free pasta-if you over cook it? YOU ARE DONE. Yuck- consistency? YUCK. So check yourself before you wreck yourself… no one wants a preschool with a bit of hangry asking for the tenth time when dinner will be ready. NO ONE.

If you don’t have to worry about allergies… I bet yours will taste TEN times better than the above… just an educated guess.


Mezzetta Parmigiano Reggiano Marinara

Honestly, gluten-free sauce that is DELICIOUS makes meal time fun, albeit a bit messy, but MUCH more delicious. So far the Whole Garlic & Sweet Basil passed the kid-test but the one they keep asking for me to grab is the Parmigiano Reggiano Marinara.  Perfection.


Mezzetta Marinara

Mezzetta® Marinara:
• Italian Plum Tomato
• Whole Garlic & Sweet Basil
• Caramelized Onion & Butter
• Calabrian Chili & Garlic
• Truffle, Porcini & Cream
• Parmigiano Reggiano

Simple. Rich. Real.
• Rich. The world’s best tomatoes – hailing from the rich soils of Italy’s San Marzano region.

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What is your favorite pasta dish for busy nights during the week?

I need another one for the rotation… PLEASE.

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