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FIVE Fall Family Photo Shoot Ideas

Fall is coming! Check out our FIVE Fall Family Photo Shoot Ideas that helped us grab a picture to send out as our holiday card!  Easy, DIY on props, outfits, and locations!


fall family photo shoot-ideas

1. Shoot Location

The last few years of taking our family’s photos I’ve learned A LOT about what works for us.  For shooting I like to take our pictures outside as the sun is setting or on a fairly overcast day.  Direct sunlight is never a good look unless you are at the beach.

One of our favorite places for Fall shoots is at our local farm.  I love capturing pure moments in time and running through leaves and splashing in puddles are memories I will forever want to keep.  For those that don’t want to get dirty(understandable) you could head to your local park!  Some of my favorite shots are of my two munchkins holding hands and walking in the grass at the park. Plus-our backyard may be tiny… but that doesn’t prevent us from making the most of our backyard space.


Our Local Farm


Butterfly Wonderland

2. Family Outfit Coordination

When thinking about Fall Family Photos and ALL of us being in the photo I wanted something that worked with what we currently owned AND melted together kindly in a color pallet.  I chose a soft blue(reminiscent of our Summer Family Photo Shoot) and started mixing away.  I grabbed all of the sweaters and jeans out of everyone’s closets-plopped them on our bed-and started figuring out what worked for us.

I tend to be MUCH more daring when I photograph the kids together in their outfit choices.  Thankfully at the age of two and three they do not care what they wear, as long as it is comfy.


Fall Family Photo Shoot


3. Props

Goodness do I LOVE a good prop. The prop usually helps keep little ones preoccupied which ensures less chances for meltdowns.  Plus, both of my babies did much better when they were holding something.  A rock, a truck– you name it and we used it.  Fortunately, with some planning you can figure out what will work best for your Fall Photo Shoot.  I love making sure that there are lots of leaves to throw, stomp on, and crush.  Perfect for little movers and shakers-PLUS it works for the season.  Two years ago I used a bunch of pumpkins and there were some pretty good picture outtakes from that shoot.  The toddler wanted to know what would happen to a pumpkin if you dropped it from a ladder.  Picture Perfect.


 Loads of Leaves

4. Professional Photos

Our Fall Family Photo Shoot this year took place at Portrait Innovations!  I got to get out from behind the camera and let someone else direct the show.  Loved that we just had to show up and smile.

5. Holiday Cards

 I work on getting our holiday cards out the day after Thanksgiving.  Our holiday cards are usually double-sided with plenty of pictures of our two little ones.  I am tremendously happy that we will be able to add a few of the ENTIRE family to the card this year.  There are choices people.  I really need to let go of my control factor and go into the studio more often.
There are only so many places you can go with a tripod.  And frankly the angles?  Well, let’s say that I am not there yet.  My tripod photos leave a lot to be desired.  Work-in-progress.
Let’s just say, take a bunch of pictures, in a variety of places/outfits/indoor/outdoor shots and choose your favorites!  Or if you were lucky enough to take a wonderful vacation with your family-add a family photo of you on location so you can talk about it in the letter you send with your cards.
Best Friends at the Park
Toddler in a Basket via Backyard Shoot
 Ahem, do people still send letters with their Holiday Cards?  Or is that a dying tradition…
Would love to hear your tips for Fall Family Photos!  
What do you do for Holiday Cards? Card? Letter? Both?
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