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Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July from our family to yours!













When a toddler asks you to wear a bow- you wear a bow. I matched Em.
Our day was simple and perfect.  Tons of cuddles and quality time with the little ones in the morning. Watched some World Cup soccer action- I want Belgium to go all the way now. While the kids napped we went outside and did two hours of hearty yard work in the desert heat. Our backyard looks GOOD now. We ended the day with messy, happy kids. BBQ, corn, and watermelon! Then instead of throwing them in the bath(much needed after dinner) we went outside and spent time in the sand turtle and sprinklers! 
The little ones are sleeping, perhaps we will stay up for fireworks in a year or two? But for now, the Hubby and I are settling in for a late movie and hoping that our neighbors decide to celebrate elsewhere this evening(please don’t wake up my babies).


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