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Healthy Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

Happy National Brown Bag Lunch Day friends! Today I am sharing two different takes on a fabulous brown bag friendly lunch idea.  Check out this healthy option and please share your favorite brown bag lunch ideas below!


Classic Sandwich with a Twist

Shopping List

Favorite Bread

Mozzarella Cheese


Fresh Pepperoni

Baked Pita Chips

Can of Lemonade

I grabbed all of the ingredients for this spice of life sandwich at my neighborhood Fry’s.  I love that the prices are ALWAYS better and therefore I can get more food for my family.  Plus Fry’s recently added a Fresh Fruit Cart in their produce section where you are encouraged to grab a banana or apple for your little ones to eat while shopping.

The first time I saw the sign I legitimately started crying.  Both of my kids were able to eat a banana and drive in the Car Cart (their must have) while I shopped for our weekly grocery necessities.  Kindness matters and on that particular day the kindness that Fry’s showed with the simple gesture of a single banana MADE MY DAY.


Slice cheese, pear, and add fresh pepperoni to your favorite bread… I never add condiments while packing brown bag lunches-no one likes a soggy sandwich- NO ONE. Much easier to have a stash of the mini condiments from restaurants or a full size one that you keep at your office for maintaining the bread’s sturdy composition.


I love to add pita chips as a side and mix a can of lemonade with two frozen lemon slices in my Swell bottle-that way the drink stays icy fresh for 8+ hours which means come lunchtime my lemonade will still be exactly the way I made it at 6AM.  Winning. fresh-lemonade-brown-bag-lunch

Icy Cold Lemonade

If you are one of the LUCKY ones who has access to an appliance that can toast then the next recipe is for you.

Shopping List

Fresh Pesto

Mozzarella Cheese

Bread of Choice




Fresh Pesto


Slice the cheese, pair, and bread to create an easy to replicate recipe at the office.  Simply bring a jar of fresh pesto to add to the ingredients and SAFELY toast the bread, cheese, and pesto.  Add the pear and VOILA brown bag lunch taken to the next level.  Doesn’t hurt that it makes the office smell divine.


Delicious & EASY

Now that I’ve shared two of my FAVORITE brown bag lunch ideas I would love to hear about your go-to recipes!

Please share a recipe (or TWO!) that are brown bag lunch approved.

Thank you to Fry’s Food for partnering with me on this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are always 100% my own.


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  1. I absolutely love the idea of pepperoni and pear. I also shop at Fry’s and did not realize that they offer fruit for children while you are shopping. That is such a smarter idea that every Mom will love instead of heading to the bakery for a cookie. Love the healthy choice. Thank you Fry’s and “As cute as a bugs ear” for bringing this to my attention.