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Healthy Salmon Recipe for Dinner

Making sure we get healthy protein throughout the week is key!  I love incorporating salmon into our weekly meal-plan rotation of tacos, pasta, family pizza night, and burgers.  Thankful for just another way that meal time is easier thanks to Dorto.  Read on to find out more about how I spice up my Salmon during the workweek.


Healthy Salmon Recipe for Dinner

For meal planning I schedule out all of our proteins throughout the week and add in carbs, veggies, and fruit based on what is on sale.  I am thankful for another meal plan saving grace with Dorot on bringing frozen herbs and spices straight into the dish… literally added in my veggies and two cubes of Dorot Garlic and VOILA- fabulous salmon dinner.


Dorot- Found in the Freezer Section

I loved finding the assortment of Dorot Herbs and Spices that I can use to up my spice game and bring a little extra flavor to our meal plan throughout the week.  Garlic and I are best friends.

Frozen Spices

Crushed garlic, fresh veggies, onion, and a fresh filet of salmon are an easy way to whip up a healthy family dinner.garlic-herb-salmon-recipe

Simply add the cubes and INSTA flavor.  Plus it cuts down on cooking time and prep time- both a definite mom win.healthy-salmon-recipe-for-dinner

Healthy Salmon Dinner Recipe with Dorot

Easy, family approved meal for our weekly dinner rotation.  Thankful that I can make a couple filets and bring the extra into work the next day.  And no, I do not heat up the salmon in the break room…


$1 coupon off any of the Dorot garlic and herbs products. Dorot Garlic is by far my favorite addition so far to my Sunday Meal Plans, but I am adding in more into the rotation next week.

What are your favorite herbs and spices to add?

Garlic is my ALL-TIME favorite.  No vampire will ever come near this family. I kid. Mostly.

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