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How to Get a Little Extra

Secret Shopping


Throughout the past month I have been out “secretly” shopping some of my favorite shops.  Coach, Fossil, Forever 21, Motherhood Maternity….

Through Sassie Shop I earned money-through my Paypal account for literally spending minutes of my time in local stores.  I make my schedule- which inherently means that I sign-up for the stores that I would like to shop after reading the “guidelines”(what you have to do-look for) and where they are- I don’t want to drive too far away for a ten-minute shop that pays $15 dollars.

Note: This is helping pay for some of those lovely surprises we have encountered in the last month- mold- ceiling hole- microwave blowing up.

* I am not being compensated for this post.  Just my honest opinion on how to make a little extra money.

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