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I May Have Lost the Battle

But I Will Win the War

Friend without kids, “You went to the pool today? Lucky!”.

Friend with kids, “You went to the pool today?!?!?”

Up with the sun, before 6AM. Breakfast before 7AM. 

Looked up the weather and it was going to be another 108 degree day. Temps were already in the 90s. So I packed up the car, readied the babies: sunscreen, swimsuits, towels, snacks, change of clothes, diapers, water bottles. Drove to our local splash pad that opens at 9AM. Unpacked the car, the babies, strolled over to the splash pad(not visible from car) and it is closed down for repairs. 

Well, now. Both little ones were squealing with delight because they knew where we were.

Splash Pad: 1 Mom: 0

Load them back in the car. Decide to drive over to the local pool that has a splash pad. But first I had to drive home to grab my swimsuit. Yoga pants and a workout tank were not going to be kosher for a dip in the pool.  Pull into our driveway, both of them realize we are home and let out cries of frustration. We all run in(too hot to leave in the car) and grab my swimsuit.  This now calls for snacks, changes of diapers, and putting them back in the car.  We drive over to the pool that opens at 10AM. We unload, pack up the stroller and go to get in line. There are about twenty people already in line and I am mentally “high-fiving” myself because it will be so much easier with less people around at the pool. 

Except they are having an emergency meeting. 

And instead are opening at 11AM. It is now 10:05AM and I alert the other twenty people in line that the window says 11AM- instead of 10AM. Most of us head back to the cars, save for a few diehards(I prefer other terms but this blog is G rated).

The Toddler and Em are now being turned away from their second excursion because there was no way we were going to wait in a line for an hour with no shade in 100 degree weather.  Tears upon tears.  They once again knew where we were and were so darn happy-they prefer the pool over the splash pad and I was ripping out their dream AGAIN.

Pool: 1 Mom: 0

Both of them know what Starbucks is so I tell them that we are taking a Coffee Trip and load up the car.  The Toddler understands that after coffee we will come back to the pool.  I probably should have given up at this point but hey, it’s hot out and well what else were we going to do in our swimsuits(we play outside in water every day).  I load them up in the car, and all of our worldly belongings- Side Note: Why do kids need so many things?

Off to coffee we go.  A frappocino for the win!  Until I realize I am in my bathing suit(it’s a one piece) as I pull-up to the drive-thru window. Poor employee.

Mom: 1 Barista: -100

Off to the pool we go. It’s now 11AM. The kids are being unloaded for the umpteenth time and there are over 150 people in line. Goodtimes people.  The pool is a blur. Splash pad fun. Water slides and giggles galore.  I almost forget about our morning, almost.  The kids both had a blast!  Sure having two kids that can’t swim at the pool with just one adult is stressful(understatement of the century) but they played their hearts out and are now passed out- napping quite peacefully.  

Mom’s sitting in your lounge chairs sipping on those “beverages” enjoying your pool time- hats off to you- some day I will join you when both of them can swim!  For now I will be the one frantically chasing down two little ones- too busy to worry about my body-lord knows I should be- and watching them relish another blistering summer day at the pool.  

There are many more pool days in our future… although hopefully they are much better planned out than today’s escapades.

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  1. Oh that sounds so fun 😉 My son is not a fan of swimming but loves the water. So we end up at the splash pads more than the pool. Lucky me :-)