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Life Lately

Goodness there has been a lot of things to update in our life lately. Lots of things are happening behind the scenes of this blog and it was good time that I do a little update.

Summer is in FULL force here. We had the mildest May on record for us living in the Valley of the Sun so I am just counting us lucky ducks for being able to have the windows open until this past week. Probably won’t see fresh air until September in this house… thankgoodness for air filters.

This summer with TWO active kids we have been able to be outside a lot more. Emma Marie needs less “things” and just a little bit more watching. She has a knack for living on the dangerous side. And is fully bent on keeping my blood pressure nice and high. As she keeps me on my toes, Raymond is having full-conversations and wanting to REALLY know the reasons behind, everything. The teacher in me LOVES his creativity. And yet after the 2,987th why in the day I get just a tad stingy with the answers. Because I said so. Because.

Yep, I am winning at this mom thing.<<<Where is the sarcasm font when you need one?


Can I tell you how amazing Mom 2.0 Summit was??? It was a dream come true to attend– I found out the night before and well, let’s just say the epic-ness of meeting with, forming relationships with brands, and now seeing those relationships through has made it all worth it. SO much so that I already have my ticket for next year.


With my newly found satchel-because Indiana Jones wears one– that could carry both my iPad and the biggest box of business cards(that I went completely through the first day-note to self to bring 250 each day) I put on my best- I know what I’m doing face and marched right up to people. My stomach was sick with worry, but I did my best to hide that with a cheesy smile… so much easier to talk to eighth and sixth graders than the Marketing Director of Brands I’ve LOVED and cherished for years. Thankful for the connections I’ve made and hopefully you will all benefit(BIG giveaway coming up).



She got a teaching position at the brand-new Middle School/High School that’s ten minutes from us AND THIS is the house we will be moving her into in June. Basically our dream house. Love that the kids will grow up knowing her! It has been over twelve years since I moved from the Pacific Northwest-so let’s just say I’m a tad bit excited to have family!


Last summer I hid under clothes at the beach. This year I did my best at being present and wore my swimsuit every day we were at the beach. Sure I don’t look like I did when I was 21… but I have two of the BEST reasons why. Plus I am banking on the fact that the kids won’t remember what I looked like in my swimsuit(because who really cares) but will remember that we ran in and out of the waves for hours.



Raymond had another cardiologist appointment on Wednesday. His heart is mending slowly, very slowly, so we will see how it looks in December and figure out where to go from there.  Love this little ray of sunshine.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

What is your go-to swimsuit/outfit at the beach?

Do you have family close?

Would love to hear from you!

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  1. My dad and I had just been talking about your mom’s move the other day and I remember telling him “Wow. Good for her!” because with everything that has happened these last few months, it would be crazy for her to NOT want to be closer to you … and look at you being an awesome daughter traveling up to WA to help her drive down! I know Dan and my dad are helping put everything in the uhaul! :)D&B are moving to San Diego soon right? Your mom’s new house looks pretty awesome, and I’m glad she was able to find a house near your house! That will be really great for your kids! There really isn’t a point to visiting the PNW as often now I guess, but I’ll let you know if I’m ever in Chandler again :)