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Like Taking Money From…

So here I sit, 6 weeks postpartum and in serious denial of the number on the scale.  You see I knew what to expect this time around, I’ve been to this rodeo before. BUT this time instead of exclusively pumping(little man wouldn’t latch-and yes we tried everything and talked to everyone) I was exclusively breast feeding… So why aren’t the pounds melting off? Surely, all of those celeb mothers when interviewed couldn’t be lying….. That breast feeding, eating right, with moderate exercise helped melt those pounds off?!?! Well, they lied. 

After losing 20 pounds in the first two weeks things have come to a stalemate. Screeching halt is more like it.  I am active from sun up to wayyy past sun down with family walks, trips to the park, doing Zumba, and strength exercises. It isn’t working for me.  I am not taking time for myself.  As much as I would love to do Zumba four of more times I week-I rarely get time to even eat dinner before 9:30PM. 

As I sit and type this-it is 9:15PM and I still haven’t eaten dinner.  Apparently I need to get my priorities right. AND a major one needs to be caring for myself.

I am pledging to myself to work painstakingly hard for the next 28 days straight.  I will take care of myslef.  I will make sure that I get to take a shower, brush my teeth, and have a cup of coffee before noon each day.  That I will make sure to actually “pamper” myself once or twice a week- like paint my toe nails… and other vain endeavors that have been lacking in my life as a stay at home mom to two-under-two.  

I have joined in an online group that pitches in money- called DietBet- and if you lose a certain percentage in 28 days you get an equal part of the money pot with anyone else that lost the same percentage.

Frankly I only have to lose seven pounds in 28 days to recoup my bet.  I do understand that losing a pound a week is the ‘safe’ amount to lose, but I really need to jump-start my fitness routine-for my own health and frankly my sanity.  I need to take time for me.  What that looks like?  Jogging-to the park instead of walking two times a day.  Completing a strength training or Zumba class after both kids are in bed-usually 9:30-10PM.  Make time to eat during the day-and drink coffee-nobody wins when mom is cranky.  Brush my teeth, wash my face and take care of myself.  This might seem silly to want to make sure all of these get done-but the past six weeks have been a blur of new normals and I have let myself come in last.

Over the next couple of weeks I will document how this plays out- the numbers-the hours put in-and hopefully I make it out a tad healthier in the BMI and weight range!  Wish me luck!  I am going to need it!

2 Responses to Like Taking Money From…

  1. Are you eating ENOUGH? With Em being as active as I was and bfing I found I had to eat between 2300-2500 calories a day to LOSE weight. Just some food for thought :)

  2. I was actually thinking along those lines…. I have been only taking in 1350-1500 a day… Do you know how I should calculate my caloric intake?