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Little Tikes #toddlerapproved

As a member of #TeamLittleTikes The Toddler received this fabulous toy in the mail- MUCH to his delight! I think he “talked” about it for three hours straight while pretending to be the driver picking up everyone’s recycling in the house.  Three hours people.  Now THAT is some staying power for a toy that does not sing-have blaring lights-or a screen for viewing.  EXACTLY what his former teacher wants.  Screen time in our house is limited.  Instead I reinforce the ability of free play, imagination, and make believe.  Wonderous stories and adventures are to be had if you simply turn off the TV(iPad-Video Game). 


Push and Pop- 

Pop Haulers: 12+ Months
A toy garbage truck that is perfect for toddlers! The handle is easy to grip and pushing the garbage truck forward makes the recyclable trash pop. Little ones will love the sound and motion. This Pop Haulers Rey Recycle truck promotes active, engaged floor play.

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