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Locked Out of the House


TRUE STORY: I was locked out of the house by my three year old.

After a rather wonderful morning at the Phoenix Zoo we were able to avoid the dreaded car naps and make it back just in time.  Those two hours of bliss are rare.  I thought that surely after running around and hitting the slash pad that we were headed toward the golden ticket =  duel naps.

As always I let Raymond out of his car seat and place my backpack(with keys and cell phone) down on the kitchen counter a mere two feet away from the garage door.  He was looking awfully tired so I told him to go upstairs to use the bathroom and that Em and I would meet him up there to get ready for nap time.  I turn around to grab Em and heard that awful noise of the deadbolt locking into place.

Surely my ears were playing tricks on me so I grabbed Em and went back to get her inside.

Well, as I hear his tiny feet thump up the stairs I find that NO that was the deadbolt.  The deadbolt was locked and my son is now upstairs proving that he did listen… except for the mere fact that HE LOCKED US OUT OF THE HOUSE.

In true form I shared the below after successfully getting back inside the house on my Facebook Page.


Was just LOCKED out of the house with Em without a phone in the garage for 45 minutes.

After getting back from the Zoo.

Raymond dead bolted the door walked upstairs used the bathroom and then waited for me to tuck him in for nap time. Good news(?!?) is our house is impossible to break into without breaking a window.

I could hear him calling for me to tuck him in outside-yet the constant doorbell ringing and banging on the door didn’t appear to be something he should check on.

Em and I were sweaty and pissed when Raymond FINALLY after screaming/ringing doorbell/ kicking door for 45 minutes meanders his way downstairs and unlocks deadbolt and asked where we’ve been.

Like, no big deal.

I’m done.

Raymond:1 Mom & Em: Negative Bazillion

Apparently we live in a fortress.

A FORTRESS ruled by a threenager.

I will never get locked out of the house again. Promise you. But? That was a serious MOM FAIL.  There are so many bad things that could’ve happened.  I could hear him calling for me to tuck him in THE ENTIRE forty-five minutes we were stuck outside.  Had he been quiet, I would’ve thought of the numerous bad things that could be/are happening and would have sincerely broken a window.  I am thankful that he finally started listening and came down to see, “Where we’ve been.”

You can’t make this stuff up.


So there, I’m sharing a definite mom fail today.  Please tell me I’m not alone.  Would love to hear any stories you have about possible “face palm” situations.  I know we’ve all been there.

10 Responses to Locked Out of the House

  1. I’m still laughing! In a totally sympathetic way since I did it to myself before :-)

    • I know… perhaps in a couple more days it will be funny. That glass of bubbly after made it THAT much easier to chalk it up to him being a threenager.

  2. Oh no!! That’s crazy/scary/funny. Well, funny now! Glad all is well!!

    • Thanks Krista- so glad I didn’t need to break a window. Seriously, all neighbors were gone and my husband had the car(and his keys) at the shop at work. Glad I can’t get locked out again.

  3. I don’t think it’s a mom fail at all! These things happen and if anything, at least Raymond was being safe by locking the door 😉

  4. Well at least you can have a plan B ready for next time! And I wouldn’t chalk that up as a mom fail. Everyone is alive and well (I am sure the naps didn’t happen…at least they wouldn’t have in my house!). But it is OK!

    • Thanks Christine! Definitely immediately put in a safe guard option… that won’t happen again! And lucky enough they passed out for two hours each… which I thought for sure wouldn’t happen… woo-glad that we can put that behind us!

  5. Ahhh, crazy! What a fun story for some day (a long time from now haha). Thanks for linking up at #MeetUpMonday with thequinntessentialmommy.com (and me, but I missed hosting this week)!