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Our Long Weekend


Sharing a glimpse into our life recently… we are going to the farm and zoo quite often!  Why not when the weather is in the 40s-70s on our visits.  Start out bundled up then just peel off the layers- love our outside time.


Train Ride at Schnepf Farm


Reveling in the fact that some trees do lose their leaves here in Arizona…


Stocking up on lemon and grapefruit goodies- our freezer is now packed with rind and five- 1 gallon bags of lemons sliced, and three- 1 gallon bags of grapefruit sliced.  All the leftover pieces are being used to help clean our garbage disposal.

This past week we were able to witness a gender reveal for our sweet friends!  We took home two of the pink balloons seeing as they are going to be having a boy this June!


We took out ALL of the boxes AND storage(crap) from under our stairs to create a “Secret Hideout” for our two kids.  Sure our garage is storing more items-but it is well worth it.  A dream come true and one that we have wanted to create for the past three years.  Definitely will be showing you some updates to the BEST FORT EVER.

Miss Emma Marie loves all animals dearly.



I immediately break out in the Indiana Jones Theme Song each and every time we go past this “abandoned” jeep.  Even if it’s just kids and I.

I am that person.


Well, hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!

We took time yesterday to talk to our little ones about kindness.  It is something we strive for every day in our family but we can all be reminded about how important it is to just be kind.  Kindness matters.

The time is always right to do what is right.  MLK Jr.


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