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MommyJuice Wine: D-E-LICIOUS

MommyJuice Wines

I know what you must be thinking… “WINE?!? Isn’t she pregnant?!” Why yes, concerned readers I am. But only for about 6 more weeks… and then? It is on like Donkey Kong people.  With my first pregnancy I wanted nothing to do with alcohol- the smell wafting across the room as the Husband tried to enjoy a much deserved cold beer was enough to banish him outside. 

But with this pregnancy? I am counting down the days. Literally. Being pregnant while chasing the Toddler in 110-115 degree heat should be classified as an Olympic Event. Truly.  The Toddler is also trying to assert his independence-All. The. Time.  Some days I win, some days I lose.  And some days a tall glass to call my own is beckoning- nay- screaming my name from the kitchen.  And dear friends, I know exactly what I will be clinking my glass with…. MOMMYJUICE Wines!

A wine made by a Mom- for Moms. GENIUS.   

MommyJuice Wines were kind enough to send me two bottles of wine for me to host some of my favorite Mommy’s for a Girl’s Night In!  Simply lovely I tell you!  The girl’s loved my MommyJuice Wine cup- that I filled up with lemonade(6 more weeks-6 more weeks- 6 more weeks) while they tried both the White Wine and Pool Party Pink.  I took a couple of big whiffs of each and goodness gracious does the Pool Party Pink Wine smell delicious!  I love a good Rose and this smelled divine!

Girl’s Night In- complete with snacks, watching some “interesting” reality TV(the show with the roses- yeah I don’t know if this season is for me), with the AC cranked on up- and a tall glass of MommyJuice Wine. 

MommyJuice White Wine

  • Being a mom is a constant juggling act. MommyJuice is a an adorable gift for any hostess, friend or family member who is a mother. It’s owned and made by a mom.
  • MommyJuice is coming to Arizona stores soon. Ask your local store to contact the distributor who carries MommyJuice to get it into your local shop.
  • MommyJuice Wines are from the California Central Coast and come in Red Wine (77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 3% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot), White Wine (100% Chardonnay from Monterey County in California).

MommyJuice Pool Party Pink


  • A classic, dry, Southern Rhône-style Rosé. Bright raspberry, cherry and fresh strawberry aromas, with a hint of bottlebrush and violet. Marichino cherry, strawberry and pink grapefruit flavors are followed by a refreshingly dry finish. Ideal for a summer BBQ party. Blend: 65% Grenache, 16% Mourvèdre, 7% Zinfandel, 7% Pinot Noir, 5% Syrah

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Where can you buy delicious MommyJuice Wine?

  • MommyJuice Red and White wine are available nationally and in California CVS stores, as well as Northern California Target stores
  • Coming soon to ARIZONA CVS stores: HAPPY DANCE!!!
  • Pool Party Pink is only available for purchase online HERE
  • MommyJuice Wines are available online at www.mommyjuicewines.com 

As for now, I am just waiting albeit, not patiently  for our baby girl to arrive.  I can’t wait to hold her close, and watch as the Toddler is officially inaugurated into the Big Brother Club.  I know that soon, very soon when one of those “days” happens when the Toddler is pulling a “Finding Nemo”(when he does something he isn’t supposed to while maintaining eye contact with me- essentially touching the “butt”-er boat) I will be able to rejoice in a nice, alcoholic beverage. Yep.  Those are the days.  

While the days are long, the years are short.  So I will be toasting to Mom Moments  Toddler Firsts, and Newborn Snuggles come August.  And friends?  I am ordering three bottles of the MommyJuice Pool Party Pink Rose to accomplish just that.


    I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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    1. Almost there! 6 more weeks will go by in a flash! love the sippy cup!