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Nuby’s Squirmy the Twiddle Worm Review

Squirmy the Twiddle Worm Review

Em LOVES this little bug.  

The bright colors, multiple textures, and winding natures help with a teething baby AND one that is into exploring their surrounding.  I really appreciate that Squirmy helps with Em’s dexterity.  Over the last month Em has grown mighty fond of this little guy.  She laughs at it as she swings Squirmy above her head and twists the shapes around.

Em & Squirmy


As she gets older Em is becoming pickier in the toys and teethers that meet her approval.  Not that much fun when you have a baby item that your little one outgrows too fast.  I am thankful that this little bug has continued to charm Em-each and every day.

Squimy the Twiddle Worm is the perfect size for our trips to the park-and accompanies Em in the stroller as an added little joy!

Squirmy the Twiddle Worm is designed to soothe and comfort teething toddlers. The multiple teething surfaces twist and turn, encouraging the development of your baby’s hand and eye coordination! Squirmy is perfectly sized for little hands to hold. 

Available at these fine retailers: 
  • www.kohls.com 
  • www.babymallonline.com 
  • www.netkidswear.com 
  • www.amazon.com 


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  1. Sweet baby girl:) That looks like a great toy!