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Our Little Kitchen{Updates}

40+ Hours of sweat and tears were poured into this kitchen when I was 30 weeks pregnant.  The cabinets were sanded, the bottom cabinets received a layer of  bead-board, all were primed(two coats), painted(two coats), rehung, the kitchen walls were painted, and my kitchen decoration received a fresh coat of spray paint to go with the more muted vibe of a farmhouse kitchen.


White Flat Cook-top Stove
Farmhouse Sink
Quartz Counter-tops


Chalkboard labels are the jam to my jelly. We jar the majority of our cooking staples, which we buy in bulk once every three months, to keep down on costs. Seriously, our two little ones eat as much as we do.  With how many food allergies we have between the Toddler and I making sure that everything is labeled is PARAMOUNT to our safety.  The Toddler is extremely allergic to over 26 different foods and we carry around two double-packs of Epi-Pens for him at all times. 


Cute labels? Yes please. 

These fabulous label’s can be found at Kidecals– right now they are running a special for 15% OFF, ships within 48 hours and is FREE. I definitely plan to buy the Allergy Alerts Stickers for when The Toddler goes to Preschool this fall.

The labels are durable AND water resistant.  We hand wash our jars so I’m not too concerned about wear and tear.  The quality is much better than those at my local craft stores and even Target. And you all know how much I love Target! I can’t wait to use the canning labels for personal birthday treats and holiday gifts!

The chalkboard labels make me smile when I open up my pantry. It’s the little things folks. 


I may or may not have an unhealthy attachment to Ball Mason Jars. But I just love how they can be used for just about anything.  AND let it be known I am not late to the party in my appreciation for these.  I have used these jars before Pinterest even existed. Goodness, someday I will be able to look at my kids and say, “I was born before the invention of the Internet.” 

Minds will be blown.

*I was given a product for my review. No other compensation was provided. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your little one’s allergies! I can’t even imagine!

    What a great job on organizing your pantry! Great inspiration!