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Over the Rock Hill

Sometimes life hands you rocks.
Sometimes life hands you boulders.
Welcome to my Rock Hill.
Rock Hill was named by my four year old.  Our hikes on the trails of the National Park are some of his fondest memories these past few months.  You can see Rock Hill from almost any place in the Valley and he points over and declares that he hikes that mountain.  My proud little man.
The further I get from WIFI the more grounded I feel I become.  Going for hikes and breathing in the sweet smell of fresh air, high above the city lights is exactly what I need.  More so it is exactly what kids need. 

More adventure, less screen time.


My Yoga Practice is exactly that, practice.  I am constantly working on getting my form better and relishing in a little quiet time.  Taking a few deep breaths in each pose and just letting my mind be free.
My favorite pose is crow- a pose I learned a long time ago in a sweet little before school program ran by my elementary physical education teacher.  Thank you Ms. Woods- I can rock a crow pose twenty-five years later.
I LOVE my new JOY Leggings from Confused Girl in the City.  They are just the right amount of thickness and are breezy enough to hike Rock Hill with my kids.  Grab a pair of your own- HERE. Plus there is a fabulous Coupon Code below.
From the Founder:
“The pattern on the leggings are images taken from various stones. I decided to call this pair JOY because every time I look at them, that is exactly how I feel. This is truly Mother Nature’s gift.”

4 Way Stretch; Moisture Wicking; Breathable Material & Made in: Los Angeles, CA

Confused Girl in the City

COUPON CODE: 15% off coupon code “Bye Felicia”

My two close favorites? Peace Leggings & Balance Leggings

Don’t forget to get OUTSIDE.  Find your joy surrounded by nature.  Cacti, the purple mountains, and the sounds of sweet footsteps out on the trail make me happy.

Find your happy.

How do you find your joy?

What yoga pose is your favorite?

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One Response to Over the Rock Hill

  1. Those mineral infused leggings look inspiring and Zen like. I might just have to invest in a pair. Joy is the perfect word that comes,to mind when you look at the Fun style. Confused Girl is a catchy name and easy to remember. I know it’s a spot to check for original presents. Thanks As cute as a bug’s ear for finding a creative addition to my sports wear.