New Year Resolution & Goal

There can be a first time for everything.  This is the first time I have taken the time to reflect back upon the year and to truly think about what I can do next year to better myself, my family, and my community.


New Year Resolution & Goal

What I do know is that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I know my strength.  I know I can do hard things.  I know this because HERE I AM- I made it through quite possibly the toughest year of my life- and I am still standing.

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning- but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.


Sprint Workout

Working out has been cathartic for this old soul.  Playing soccer with new and old friends, coaching soccer, and working out at the high school I teach at has helped me grow stronger this past year.  Two kids later and I am back to successfully completing Track Sprint Workouts and Stadium Circuits.

Sprint Workout

Jog two laps around the track in under five minutes.

100M Sprint- Jog 300M

200M Sprint- Jog 200M

300M Sprint- Jog 100M

400M Sprint- 30 second Break

300M Sprint- Jog 100M

200M Sprint- Jog 200M

100M Sprint- Jog 300M

Jog two laps around the track in under five minutes.



Workout Gear

Having the correct gear to workout in is KEY.  I love the compression sports bras from Champion… I have a whole drawer full.  They are adjustable on the top strap which I love.  Running shorts that are breathable are essential in outdoor workouts here in the desert and these from Champion are consistently in the rotation.


Toning Workout

Supermans 3 sets of 30

Arm Extension 3 sets of 30

Plank- Hold for a minute

Lunges- 45 each leg

Sumo Squats- 45

Squats- 45

Toe Raises- 45

I use three pound weights.  I do not need to gain a large amount of muscle and am just working on toning my body and maintaining normal strength.  Of course you should always consult your doctor before starting a workout regimen but wanted to share what works for me.

I will continue to add new activities to the above rotation.  I want to start playing indoor soccer.  I really want to learn how to play golf.  And I am continually adding in new hiking locations as I explore the Valley of the Sun.

Professionally this last year has been amazing.  Hard work has paid off and I am able to do what I love with teaching and coaching, along with the fabulous opportunities that this community has afforded my little family.

My Professional Goals are posted in my office and I can’t wait to start crossing them off in 2017.



My New Year’s Resolutions?  Are simple.

I just have two.

  1. KEEP
  2. GOING

Life is messy.  Things change.  But goodness there are so many wonderful possibilities. 2017? I am ready.

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Love my Lips- LipSense

Long lasting lip wear, totally smudge proof and kiss proof too!  Exactly what this teacher and busy mom of two needs- something I can put on and then forget about.  Upkeep? No thanks.  Check out my thoughts on this fabulous new product and find out where to grab a set of your own.


Mulled Wine LipSense Lipstick

After I head out for the day OR night I tend to not want to worry about my look-as I do not have time for that- and with LipSense I actually do not have to look in a mirror to know that it still looks like what it did right when I applied it.


Love my Lips

Ashley from @beautyfull.lips keeps us updated on her Instagram and her fabulous Facebook Group as there are new products and color combinations coming out monthly (sometimes weekly).


Mulled Wine & Gloss

Mulled Wine LipSense Set- Layer the color on three times, set with gloss, and BAM you are good to go.


LipSense OOPS Remover

You can tell I have used the OOPS Remover… I’m working on my lipstick game… but this takes the color right off… and is the only thing that will. HONESTLY.

Check out Ashley’s Insta & FB Group– you can always shoot her an email at too.  Love my new smudge-proof, kiss-proof, water-proof, long lasting lipstick.


Love my Lips- Mulled Wine Set

Mulled Wine makes my heart happy.  I do not know what it is about putting on lipstick-but it makes me full pulled together.  LOVE that feeling.

You definitely want to try this product and scroll through the color combinations that Ashley wears on her Instagram-I have to see a color worn on a REAL person before I use it and she definitely helps you figure out the perfect colors to try for the look you are going for.

What beauty product do you LOVE?

I need some new recommendations as we head into the New Year!

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Girls Brunch Ideas

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #SimplyHoliday #CollectiveBias

The season for being thankful is upon us.  As the year ends I love to surround myself with the kind souls I hold most dear.  Girls’ Brunches are a fabulous way to get together, eat WAY too many pastries, orange juice concoctions, and of course no need to wake-up early- IT IS BRUNCH.  Everyone wins.  Check out my Girls Brunch Ideas and fabulous Simply Orange Mocktail.


Girls Brunch Ideas

Planning a Tablescape

I love starting with a theme for the party I am hosting.  I typically shy away from bright colors and tend to thrive within a neutral pallet.  When thinking about options I knew that I wanted earth tones as the base and to use winter whites with pops of gray and silver.  Star plates with a sparkly silver center plate were the focal points of the seating arrangements.  I stopped into my local Albertsons to grab all of the food, flowers, and of course drinks.

Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart

Brunch Eats & Drinks


-Chocolate Eclairs

-Decadent Caramel Apples

-Fruit Tarts

-Pumpkin Bread

-Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake Bread

-Orange Cranberry Bread

-Simply Orange Juice

-Bag of Ice

-Fizzy Flavored Water

Cheers Friend

Cheers Friend

BRUNCH Pastries

Brunch Pastries

When styling the table I tend to use mix-matched plates in the same color and texture.  I love the layering effect that it creates and just enough of a difference helps create a unique tablescape.

Layering the Look

Layering the Look

Simply Orange

Simply Orange Mocktail

Mocktail Recipe

-Simply Orange

-Chilled Carbonated Water- Raspberry Flavor

-Fresh Strawberries & Cantaloupe

Start by filling the glass 2/3rds full with Simply Orange, add in the Raspberry Fizz, and plop a piece of strawberry and cantaloupe- I think the MORE the MERRIER when it comes to fresh fruit in my drinks- so add in more if you are like-minded. (High-Five Fruit Lovers of the World!)

Simply Orange- Delicious taste-Never sweetened-Never frozen-Not-from-concentrate!

Decadent Caramel Apples

Decadent Caramel Apples


Brunch So Hard

Girls Brunch Ideas

Cheers to Friendship

Love being able to hear the echoes of new and old friends alike.  Life moves so fast at the holidays with To Do Lists and family activities.  I find that if I don’t make the time to see those I hold most dear, and plans aren’t made, then before you know it the New Year is here and we are off to the races.


Brunch Ideas

Shopping for Brunch


So MAKE plans, head to Albertsons, and gather around with those that matter most this season of life.  Family is important but friends choose to love you and be there for you.  Make sure you see those dear to you before the New Year hits.  Make time.

What are your favorite Brunch Recipes?

What is a good mocktail recipe?

Would love to hear from you!

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Fall & Winter Fashion Faves

As the weather cools down I thought I’d share my favorite Fall and Winter Outfits.  As a busy mom of two and teacher I need to be comfortable.  Another key is that the staples I pick up this season need to be able to go from Day to Night for when I attend events.  I love being able to throw on a pair of heels, some chunky jewelry and feel instantly ready- completely key when time is of the essence.


Shirt / Vest / Necklace / Leggings / Boots /Cuffs (Similar)



Shirt / Pants / Boots



Shirt / Leggings / GlassesBoots



Shirt /Necklace / Pants / Boots



Shirt / Vest / Necklace / Leggings / Boots /Cuffs (Similar)


Dress / Shoes



Sweater /Vest / Necklace / Leggings / Boots



SweaterLeggings / Boots



Blouse / Pants  / Boots / Necklace



Hat / Shirt

Love mixing and matching some favorite pieces!  A new favorite is a pair of plush velvet pants that are my favorite color… purple.  I love what I love and am enjoying the weather finally cooling off in the Valley of the Sun.

What fashion trend are you loving this Fall?

Would love to hear from you.

To wear a choker or to not wear a choker?!?  That is the REAL question right now.

What is your go-to holiday style? Current trend you are loving?


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Holiday Dress Style- Long-Sleeve Number

As the holidays rapidly approach and my to-do list becomes packed with shopping for the family, baking, and attending those notable soirees  I like to be prepared.  As a busy mother and teacher, shopping for myself is never on the top of the list, nor is it a priority.  Finding styles that can work throughout the busy holiday season is a MUST.  Can’t wait to style this fabulous White House Black Market number for holiday parties, Christmas, and of course work events.


Holiday Dress Style

After taking a little bit of my lunch hour last week I scoured some of my favorite sites for ideas on a dress that could be worn the entire season.  A BUNCH of favorites were found at my local White House Black Market.


Black Lace Sheath Dress

The Black Lace Sheath Dress is double layered and incredibly comfortable.  I loved how the lines helped accentuate my shape and the fact that while worn at a cooler evening event that the long sleeve dress kept me warm. For size reference- I am 5’7”, 120lbs and wearing a 2.  Love the length and fit.  Dress fit true to size.white-house-black-market-dress

I wore the dress to a dinner event for work with closed toe pumps and simple gold jewelry.  For different occasions I plan on wearing my strappy, black heels, chunky jewelry, and my hair up.  The fabulous women working when I tried on the dresses at White House Black Market mentioned wearing a red heel with the dress and I think that might just have to happen this holiday season.


Grab this dress while you can- the sizes are being sold out– and goodness is it the perfect dress for the season.

Can’t wait to share some of my other favorite dress styles later this week.  Loved this number from Elizabeth James– definitely one of my favorite designers.

Chalkboard Wall calling your name?!? It is WORTH the weekend project.  All details for my DIY Chalkboard Wall- HERE.

What is your go-to holiday style? Current trend you are loving?


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