Patriotic Popcorn

For our Avengers Superhero Party we wanted to make sure we had some Captain America approved treats!  The kids LOVED the Star Spangled Marshmallows that were easy to eat and deliciously food-allergy friendly.  Another favorite treat of my two little ones has always been a cup of popcorn and with a little pizzazz we made some that all of our Little Superheroes were proud to eat.

Patriotic Popcorn


3(large) Bags of White Air-Popped Popcorn-do not get a flavored popcorn-does not take color correctly.

1 lb Bag of  each Candy Melt– Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Red.

Sidenote: Candy Melts are typically in the party decorating aisle and not in the easier to understand baking aisle.  Who knew?

In glass containers melt your Candy Melt- following the directions on the bag-otherwise your Candy Melts will in fact burn and turn black.



Fill large containers with Air-Pop Popcorn(microwave doesn’t work as well).  After the Candy Melt is a soupy texture you can drizzle it on to the popcorn, as even as possible.



As soon as the first layer is covered you can mix the popcorn up to get even saturation.  Do not wait for the Candy Melts to dry on the popcorn before mixing… mix immediately.


The darker colors took the best on the popcorn but I still enjoyed having the extra layer of color with the light blue.  The Candy Melts just up the sweetness factor which of course led the kids to love it just that much more.  Definitely perfect for our Superhero Party!


As the weather warms up I know that I will definitely be breaking out the Patriotic Popcorn and Star Spangled Marshmallows for the Fourth of July!  What a great way to celebrate with our family and friends. Plus it has been declared that all parties from here on out with have color-coded popcorn AND marshmallows.  And the price point and time expense make this an easy one to say YES to.


What are your go-to snacks for parties?  Any family-friendly options or “secret recipes” you would like to share?

Please and THANK YOU!


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