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The Perfect Tech Gift

The Tech Gift of the Year!  Hands-down- the best invention I’ve found.  I know with all of the schedules- the holiday parties, school performances, and end of the year exams (for us teachers) that the mind can forget due dates, party supplies (cupcakes AGAIN?!?), and oh the grading and commenting for each lovely student.  Tile has changed the world for better… I can attach the Tile to anything that I need to just set AND forget.

Tech Gift

Perfect Tech Gift

I can then free up some much needed brain space to actually enjoy the holidays.  Last week the keys were in the cup holder (out of eye sight) and BOOM enter Tile and Tile App for helping me find my keys in time to make it to practice for coaching.

Tile Sport

Tile Sport

As a High School Varsity Soccer Coach- I have to keep track of a TON of gear.  I attached the Tile Sport to my coaching bag- with all of my player’s information, my clipboards, and wallet.  I love that the Tile is waterproof, it is TWICE as loud as the traditional app with two times the range.  With over 30 bags and a bus full of boys- this is a coaches peace of mind while I deal with injuries, other coaches, and College Scouts.


Tile Mate

Tile Mate

Personally the Tile Mate is perfection for my needs with my keys.  They were lost a mere week after finding this new technology and BOOM they were just hidden from eye sight in a cup holder.  The Tile Mate has my phone make a melody when it gets close or I can even view it on the map if god forbid it was THAT far away.  Thankfully this mishap was fixed with just the sweet little melody of peace of mind.

It totally ups my key fob look too.  Cause FASHION and tech are finally catching up to each other!!!

Tile Style Insert

Tile App

How to Use

Attach Tile to anything you don’t want to lose. Keep track of it with the Tile app. Tile is the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker.

You can use Tile to join the world’s largest lost-and-found community, where friends and strangers work together to help each other find everything that matters.  Kindness matters, friends.  Kindness matters.

Tile Style

In order of favorites?

Tile Style– cause GORGEOUS my dear.

Tile Sport– perfect for gym bag, sweaty workouts, and coaching outdoor sports.

Tile Mate– perfect key fob gift for the techie in your life.

Honestly, the peace of mind on not having to remember EVERYTHING, all the time, and I know YOU KNOW how that feels, is the best gift this busy holiday season.

What would you attach your Tile to?

Would LOVE to hear from you!

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