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Pre-emptive Strike

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Our old dishwasher- the one rusting- caked in calcium deposits-the one that was a dirty brown color(I wish I was kidding) has been replaced.  YEP. As we were in Lowe’s picking up a ceiling fan and light for D’s big-boy room I went to the back where they put dinged up or last year’s models out at a drastically-reduced price.  I found a BEAUTY.  She is bold, beautiful and such a good quiet cleaner- all for hundreds less because it was a year old. WINNING.  The only caveat is that it uses a different type of plumbing hook-up than our previous one so I ended up having our local handy-man come and put(what we thought was going to be easy) in our dishwasher.  To the Husband’s credit- he hooked up the electrical by hand-there was not a plug in- AND he didn’t shock himself- AND it worked.  Either way- we have a bright shining new star in our kitchen.  One that which is neither an eye-sore nor 10 piece band thwacking away at our plates. : )

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