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Four Years in a Row- Pumpkins and Corn Maze : )
This Sunday Gabe and I woke up bright and early… to drive up to a local pumpkin farm and corn maze.  We wanted to get out early because the temperatures still get up into the high 90s every day and this preggo body doesn’t handle heat too well.  We got there right when it opened and I enjoyed every second of it!  We went around to all of the animals at the farm and said “good morning” with a nice ear/back scratch and I talked to them(yes, I am that person).  I LOVE ANIMALS! 
We explored the farm and found that there are A LOT of different activities and places to explore with young ones, so Gabe and I plan on making it back there next year with our baby boy.  We headed over to the corn maze that was the tallest and skinniest cut maze I’ve ever been to.  Gabe was an expert navigator and we made our way through collecting the clues and when at last I got too hot he got us out in a matter of 2 minutes!  My hero!  I didn’t want to end up like that family that called 9-1-1 from the corn maze because they got lost and it got dark, with their three week old, no less.  Google it, it’s a great phone call.  Besides Gabe and I already decided that we would tramp through the corn(make our own path) if we ever needed to : ).
We guzzled some water- the temps were in the high 90s and headed back home for a relaxing Sunday afternoon together!
I <3 having family traditions! Four years in a row! 

The maze was skinny… I am not.

Two pregnant ladies!

Gabe picked out a pumpkin for size comparison…

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