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Repurposing Baby Food Jars

We have a stash of baby food jars for fruit and veggies that cost more to make than to buy.  I hate wasting anything and because I am obsessed with glass now I looked into how to re purpose them.  I ran them through the dishwasher.  Looked into a number of different options to remove the “stickyness” on them and came to the conclusion that soaking them in rubbing alcohol made it easiest for my arthritic hands to remove them with a cloth. 

1 TSP Water
2-3 Drops of Food Coloring
3 TSP Modge Podge

You can either hand paint the exterior of the bottles- I’m not very good at fine motor skills involving art so I tried three that way and decided pouring in the paint into the interior of the bottle and swishing it around made more sense.  I actually like how they turned out better too.  Plus they ended up with more paint on the bottom and top so they look vintage.  The little bottles that I did took an hour to dry, larger ones about 24 hours.  But I LOVE how they turned out.  I have tea lights in the ones by my sink in kitchen… the picture below does not capture how gorgeous they look.  The three larger ones I took a picture of on our bookshelf but have since stashed them as I think about where they “belong” in my cabinet of DIY projects.

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