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Road Trip Must Haves{Baby & Toddler Edition}

Our little family is about to embark on a road trip to the west coast.  Sun, Surf, and The Happiest Place on Earth!  I have successfully completed this trek with little ones and am hoping that perhaps this post will help you prepare for a journey of your own! Because a journey it will be!

It always is with kids. Always.  Just when you think you have everyone in the car satisfied and happy your nose starts to curl from that all to familiar smell… oh yes, please take the next exit at that rest stop.  Oh dear rest stops, there are many of them on our nine hour trip and they are usually our only hope as we cross the barren desert.  I never thought of this in all of our trips-perhaps this is the “mom” in me of taking care of others-but boy is there never toilet paper in the bathroom?!? Our last trip was over the holidays and counting both ways I was 0 for 6 with toilet paper in the Ladies Restroom.  The Husband can’t remember if there was an adequate supply in the Men’s Room other than it was disgustingly dirty-go figure.
Low and Behold

There is an answer! We will be bringing our own supplies for our day of travel out to the beautiful state of California! It definitely kind of feels like a “duh” moment but I am already patting myself on the back!  
The Husband and I will be covered over the various six rest stops we could take on our trip out west.  I am thankful that this is finally making the list of must haves that I always pack!

The Husband and I will be well-prepared for facing the uncertain rest stops ahead! Flushable cleansing cloths that fit in my purse and diaper bag? Yes, please!

WATER BOTTLES:  If my little girl was taking bottles like my son did when he was her age, I would pack three 8 ounce bottles in a cooler for our nine hour trip.  

EMERGENCY MEDICINE: My toddler suffers extreme food allergies so it is a medical necessity to carry this Epi-Pen pack.  I also always bring Liquid Baby Tylenol and Liquid Benedryl.  

BABY SNACKS: This is tremendously important. Nobody likes a cranky baby and a hungry baby quickly turns into a little Tyrannosaurs Rex. I always bring more food than I deem necessary.   

CLOTHES: An extra set of clothes for every 4-8 hours you are traveling.   The swaddle blanket is both comforting and can be used as a nursing cover.  I tend to dress my little ones in light clothes that I can add layers to.  A sweaty baby, is a cranky baby.  So much easier to add layers or wrap them gently in a swaddle blanket.

ENTERTAINMENT IS ESSENTIAL: I tend to go for sensory objects that are not noisy for little ones- balls tend to get dropped and roll under seats, and noisy toys in a confined space is just not a good combination.  Books have always been the go-to item in my bag of tricks for babies.  The Toddler loves reading to himself and plays happily with stickers and a piece of paper.   


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Product Details:
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Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper
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The Toddler is happy because Mom is happy! Life is Good! 

Necessary Items that should be easily available for the extra spouse to grab while traveling.

Car Packing List:
Breast Milk in a Cooler or Formula
Powdered Formula for Emergencies
Baby Food & Pouches
Bottles & Sippy Cups
“Special” Blankie or Toy
Diapers- One for every hour on the road
Diaper Cream
An extra outfit for every 3-4 hours traveling
Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer

First Aid Kit:
Extra Bottled Water
Traffic Vest

Multiple Plastic Bags or Ziplocs
Bubbles-really this is very helpful

#LetsTalkBums, Shall we?

Two adults, a toddler and baby will be filling up a Prius with all of our essentials and headed out to the Sunshine State! Wish us luck! 

What are your must haves for a road trip with little ones?  Please share! 

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle.  All opinions are always 100% my own.

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