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Second Birthday














Dear Emma Marie,


You are now two years old and already a little lady.  You bring a purse with you, wherever you go.  It is full of fun treats and those fake credit cards(that come from offers in the mail).  You love explaining everything you have in there.  Every piece has a purpose.

You take your time eating and are meticulous with manners.  You say excuse me for everything you should. You are adamant that you are just as big as your brother and that we should treat you as such.

Thus the potty training.  You are one proud little girl.  We are very proud of you too!  You tell us and run to the bathroom yourself.  And you always wash your hands, “All by myself mom,” after.

You clearly have an interest in what you wear and will demand certain clothing items.  You are obsessed with pockets of which it is hard to find little girl’s clothes that actually contain real ones-not the sew on fabricated ones.

You prefer your hair down but will relent to a braid or ponytail if properly enticed.  You can brush your own hair and get on(mostly) your own clothes.

You LOVE to sing songs.  You continuously surprise me with singing renditions of songs we have not heard in weeks.

You still really enjoy your naps!  1-2 hours perhaps three if you are teething.  You turn on all the fans, use the restroom, and then curl up in my lap.  You pass out in my arms within minutes all the while twirling your hair and sucking your thumb.  I lay you down in your crib with your favorite puppies and slip out of your room.

Favorite Food? Chipotle bowls, chicken kabobs with onion, and milkshakes.  Goodness do you LOVE a good milkshake.

You have a love for all animals, but that little sparkle in your eye gets bright when you are lucky enough to be in the presence of a puppy.  Goodness gracious do you love dogs.


Barring anything truly traumatic happening in the next couple of months we hope to get a dog of our own.  I know that you will take pleasure in helping with the dog and that you will in turn have a lifelong friend.

You are kind to people that you meet.  But speak up if someone is hurting your brother.  You are a fiery pistol that will not let him get hurt.  Incredibly brave for you to be so steadfast with your feelings.  Once or twice at the park you put yourself in-between Raymond and the Mean One and told them to, “Go away, leave us alone!” and pointed for them to return from whence they came from.

Don’t worry.  He will never forget that you are there for him.  He gladly takes your hand whenever something makes you nervous and gives you a hug saying, “It’s okay Em.  You are going to be okay.”

The greatest gift we could ever give you was each other.

You love building, drawing, blowing bubbles, but your favorite is acting like a DINOSAUR.  Whenever we make believe(wherever we are) you proudly announce that you are a dinosaur and RAWR- stomp-and snarl.

Well my little dinosaur, we are so utterly proud of the little lady you are becoming.

With all our love,


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  1. Adorable! Happy Birthday little miss!
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  2. This is happening too fast. It doesn’t seem long ago she was pulling herself up on the coffee table trying to walk…now when I try to help her wash her hands she puts up her hand and says “no Daddy, do it all by myself.” When did she get so articulate? I’m happy she is so independent but doesn’t she know she’s still my Little Baby Girl!?!