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Snow at the Phoenix Zoo

Twice a year the Phoenix Zoo brings snow and creates a winter wonderland of fun for kids of ALL ages.  For the past three years we have attended the New Year’s Bash and Blizzard in July.  Beyond thankful that my two little desert-raised kids can revel in some snow action.




Smashing Snow Balls

Emma Marie definitely liked stomping through the snow this time.  She was unsure of all the other kids wailing snowballs at first, but quickly got in on the action.  If you attend the event please note you will get wet… it is snow… and snow is meant to be made into snowballs.



What do you mean, “FREEZE?!?”.  Both kids were not keen on the idea of stopping to get their picture taken when there was so much fun to be had.  Really, who am I to judge?  I threw snowballs with the best of them-which should be said-gently, underhand at my kids bellies.  They squealed with joy.

Plus when Raymond who just needed to wear his Ninja Turtle Sweatshirt- because obviously Ninjas play better in the snow– was getting a little hot under the collar a little bit of snow down the back made for a nice high-pitched scream.

Winning at this Mom thing I tell you. (I kid, I kid.)


The first few minutes looked like this.  She did not like all of the commotion.  But those boots?  I asked her if she wanted to wear them in the snow at the zoo the night before and with the biggest teenager attitude she said, “Yes, mom.  MY boots at the zoo.”  Like, duh.  So much attitude.  Such a tiny person.


We made THREE icemen this time.  At just 7:30AM most of the snow was quickly icing over into globs but ignorance is bliss my friends.  They proudly made their “snowmen” and relished in the fact that they looked just like Olaf.  Next time I am bringing carrots, black rocks, and some sticks.  Note to self.


Snowball Fight

I love how much they love playing together.  This really is a fun(challenging) age.  Two active snowball slingers soaked me in mud soaked iceballs.  Thankfully I knew it was coming.  Some parents were not prepared.  This is NOT the day to wear your favorite outfit. I’d rather be soaked, than sit on the sidelines of my kid’s childhood.

So muddy mayhem it was.


The Fire Department Truck was a hit with Raymond and they even gave the elephants baths with their fire hose!  The elephant LOVED the extra pressure under the hot desert sun! Plus lots of the animals had extra Blizzard in July treats thanks to the Phoenix Zoo Staff.


At just 9AM and two hours of snow play in, we stopped to go grab some ice water.

summer-blizzard-at-the-phoenix-zooAfter two cups of ice eaten, each.  We headed off to go through the snake tunnels before heading home.  The snow melts fast in the Valley of the Sun so make sure you are there RIGHT when it opens.

Check out last New Year’s Snow Day and last summer’s Blizzard in July.


Do your kids love playing in the snow?  


I can’t wait to take them tubing when they get a bit older in the mountains!


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