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Snow in July

Snow Day at the Phoenix Zoo

He climbed, bounced, boogied, and it took some serious convincing that we should go check out the splash pad and animals. Serious convincing.  

Throwing snow balls!  Disney Radio was playing songs and guess what they played(over and over)? Did you guess the Frozen Soundtrack?!? DING DING DING- We have a winner!  I’m pretty sure there were more parent’s singing than children. Hilarious.

Photo Op with Little Sister

Em lasted about thirty seconds, no shoes on meant it was going to be a short little visit for her anyways, but she actually loved playing with small pieces in the grass area.

King of the Mountain

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Splash Pad for the win!

Patient little observer.  Em “walked” all over the splash pad with me which ensured that I was thoroughly soaked.  There are so many people that look so well put together at the zoo- I am not one of them.  


Cowboys, Pirates, and Monsters are all he ever talks about…  he loved riding the “horse” with mom.

Round TWO

Do you want to build a SNOWMAN?!?

Too Much Fun.

Last year on this Saturday I was showered by my best friend’s and family in honor of Little Em.  I can’t believe an entire year has passed!  I am beyond blessed to have such lovely people in our lives!

I wish I could accurately account for the actions that took place to get The Toddler up onto that mound of snow.  Please let it be known that in all his years(two to be exact) he has never once encountered snow.  Sure we have spent the holidays up in the Pacific Northwest but we always missed the white fluffy stuff and just had the rain.  

The Toddler thought he literally was going to die, like clinging to the stroller with both legs wrapped around it with all of his strength.  Not even close to kidding.  So there was that.  I thought that he would LOVE the snow since it was all he could talk about that morning as we drove to the zoo- so I told the hubby to pick him up and plop him down on it.  Parenting win.  It was hysterically(sad) until he actually touched the snow.  For the life of me I do not know what he thought was going to happen- I mean we have watched Frozen and he LOVES that movie.  No tears were shed, or shrieks of fear- just a 45 pound toddler wrapped around my husband’s forearm.

We left for the Zoo before 7AM and were thrilled with the cloud-cover and rain clouds that kept the temperatures much cooler.  We were able to go visit all of our favorite farm animals and statues while getting rained on.  Em truly enjoyed interacting with the animals and I can not wait to go with them during the week when the temperatures cool off in September.  We left the zoo at 9:30AM and the sun was out and the temperatures started to soar- thankful we got there so early so that we didn’t have to worry about overheating our little ones!

The Toddler definitely LOVED the snow and we had to pluck him off of the top to get going home.  A drastic difference in just two hours.  

Both of them were too excited to take their usual naps but one little girl didn’t even make it through dinner…

Our weekend was full of fun with our little ones and fixing up the house late at night.  I redid the grout in our powder bathroom, touched up all the paint in every room, painted the front door and the door to the garage and the hubby worked on fixing the irrigation system.  Small projects that hopefully will leave a lasting impression on our little house.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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