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Spread the CHEER

Sometimes giving is even better than receiving; especially during the holiday season.  As a mother to two, young and impressionable children I work hard on instilling in them a sense of purpose.  Understanding that giving to others is of great value to them takes some understanding, but the conversations and squeals of joy will be with me forever.

Spread the Cheer

“Mom, why are we putting all of those toys and clothes in boxes?” -asked Raymond my four year old.  I could see his eyes furrow and a look of worry, I gently prodded, “Some children do not have any toys sweetheart.  Won’t it be nice to give all of these toys that you no longer play with-to someone who will love them just as much as we did?”

An enthusiastic, “YES!” was then shouted as he now realized we could make someone’s day THAT much better.  Simple acts of kindness matter.  Being a role model that actively makes these types of giving possible?  It matters.


Spreading Cheer

Both Emma Marie and Raymond were giddy with excitement when we were going to make cookies and then leave them on someone’s doorstep.  We simply grabbed Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookies Mix from Walmart and we were able to whip up a couple batches of cookies in no time.

Although it must be said that baking with a toddler and a preschooler is a feat in itself.


Baking with Kids

Preparation is KEY when baking with kids.  All of the tools, and ingredients were out and ready to go before I had them don their aprons.  Love my little helpers.


Messes Make Memories

Baking is messy.  Is it supposed to be?  I think so.

The dog and literally everyone were covered in the cookie mess, but most importantly were the smiles on everyone’s faces.


Let the Decorating Commence

After nap-time(we were in the middle of a preschool plague run amok) we got to icing and decorating our first batch.  Suffice it to say, that since they knew they were giving them away they tried TWICE as hard.  Pretty darn priceless.  Chalk this up to another Holiday Tradition we will be embracing in the coming years.  Baking cookies to help spread cheer.


Just taste-testing the icing, making sure it was going to live up to expectation.


Both of them worked extra hard on icing their entire cookie.  I worked on just sitting back and enjoying the moment of us around the table- AND not interfering.  Their version of the perfect cookie may look different than mine, but it should.


Perfecting the placement of sprinkles.  Both definitely had in mind the sprinkle to icing ratio that worked for them.  I am pretty sure they are much more careful decorating cookies than I.  My “art” that I created as a Junior in HS was some clay jars.  Everyone that sees them asks if they were done in 1st or 2nd grade.  And I couldn’t disagree.  I did my best, but my best looks different than others.  Learning to embrace those differences in the age of perfection and Pinterest is harder than I thought.  But I will admit, the cookies THEY created?  Are the ones pictured below.  No editing or strategic placement of sprinkles.  Just pure kids making cookies for others.

Cough-cough- they look better than my cookies-cough-cough.


Spread the Cheer

Well the kids grabbed this basket full of Spread the Cheer Cookie Tags and hand delivered them to the hardest working teacher we know.  The conversations of giving in our house have continued this holiday season and we are making another batch for our local Fire Department.  Can’t wait to help Spread MORE Cheer throughout our community!

Check out the kids running up with their basket!

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What cookie do you like to bake during the holiday season?  

Any family recipes you would be willing to share?


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  1. My go-to holiday treat to bake in the kitchen is sugar cookie.

  2. Leigh Anne Miller Borders


    We made the chocolate chip cookies and added nuts to them and shared with some of our new neighbors.