Summer BBQ Season

So technically it isn’t summer yet… but it sure does feel like it out here in the desert!  My best girl friends are some seriously busy people- and locking down a date for all(most) of us to be at one location can take weeks(months) sometimes.

BUT it sure is worth it!

Ten years of beautiful friendship with some of the best people I know.  Count me lucky, why don’t you!

The Hubs and I don’t host get-togethers very often- hoping to change that in the future- but we sure enjoy the company! We had three of our friends and their husband’s and kids over- FYI we need more chairs- it was a blast!



  • Bake red velvet cupcakes & chocolate fudge cake
  • Costco Trip
  • Cut cheese into slices
  • Slice lettuce
  • Serve up watermelon
  • Cut tomatos
  • Marinate meat
  • Cut up veggies
  • Make ranch dip


  • Vacuum
  • Mop tile
  • Sparkling clean bathroom
  • Put out more furniture in backyard
  • Sparkling clean kitchen & sink
  • Remove smudges from all Toddler level window surfaces
  • Tidy Up

*Note: Sparkling is my term of reference for clean- which might differ to people



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