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Thankful for Every Second & Moment

I most definitely do not feel better.  Took a little prodding to take pain medicine.  Perhaps I would have gotten sleep last night and felt better on Tuesday and Wednesday. I just took another dose and am uncomfortable enough that I am online- in bed- but online- waiting for the Meds to kick in so that possibly the pressure and pain from my heart will ease enough to slip into a restful sleep…. or at least a sleep. Cardiac Specialist Appointment TBD. I went through this five years ago… but I think I am more scared now because I am a Mom.  I am supposed to be healthy, strong, and there for him no matter what.

Maybe it is stress.  From being scared.  From knowing that I just caused our family more financial woes because my heart is crappy. 

And in the midst of all this stress?

A friend so thoughtful and caring brought us over a meal.  A delicious meal- with even desert. We are lucky, ten folds over.  Thank you so much for your kindness- it was more necessary than you know.

And I would like to be selfish and ask for anyone out there to please send positive thoughts this way… Fingers crossed I wake up and this nightmare of all nightmares will be lessened… at least a little.

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