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The Potty Dance

First Successful Use! 
First Successful Use!

The Husband and I are in no rush to potty train our 17 month old- BUT- we have introduced a toilet- started talking about going “potty” and he is starting to get it.  Yesterday he sat down went potty and we couldn’t be more proud!  We did a family potty dance! YEP- we danced, jigged, and sang “Potty Dance” to his little heart’s delight.

2 Responses to The Potty Dance

  1. We introduced the potty at 17 months too! Our little guy really took to it and has been in big boy underwear by 20 months!

  2. Wow by 20 months?!!! That is spectacular! Do you have any tips-tricks of the trade- or posts you did about the process?