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The State of Things

Goodness Gracious

I swear I am here.  Thinking about a multitude of things.  There are over fifteen posts in draft mode just waiting to be tweaked to perfection(my type of perfection obviously).

I am at a road block.  A very LARGE road block.

I have been given an incredible opportunity to write for a community that I believe in. 


Please let the record state that not many things in this life terrify me.  Yes, perhaps falling from the sky in an airplane-which has happened technically, so that isn’t that far-fetched. And let’s not even talk about something happening to one of my babies.

So there you have it.

Not even writer’s block.  Simply a case of, “Will I be accepted?” “Do I have anything worthy to contribute to the discussion?” Shaking in my flip-flops people.  I kid. But seriously.

So here is a little brain dump of sorts to play catch-up-

Two gorgeous handmade pieces from ETSY are sitting in our house-my first two purchases after years of gawking at the beautiful handmade beauties- I can not wait to share with you how our downstairs is shaping up!  Finally all of my DIY projects have come together and now it feels like home.

We have a new couch(new-to-us) from one of my best friends!  It is what dreams are made of! Beige, creamy, comfy, soft, HUMONGOUS sectional.  The Toddler literally ran from one end to the other for hours the day we got it-hours.  We are talking sweaty, face- bright red, squealing with joy.  

The little things in life are surely glorious.

I have tried to clean our tile in our kitchen and entrance way for the last three years.  Are they clean? YES. Do they look clean? NO. So tonight I am headed to Home Depot to snag a bottle of Grout Renew and will spend a couple hours after the kids go to bed tonight making that tile look as clean as it surely is.  I plan to do a full DIY post on this-even if it is an epic fail-later on next month.  But I have high hopes because Young House Love– a DIY blog that is adorable and incredibly informative just had great luck using this in January-and I trust their opinion-they are the reason I was able to re-do our kitchen, guest bath, and master bath cabinets by hand for under $250.

Anybody want to contribute to the fund for getting new floors put in downstairs?  Our carpet was put in for selling the house and it is the cheapest-craptastic carpet in the history of carpets!  I thought I could put in some hard work to keep it clean-yea, I just spent over an hour by the garage door on my hands and knees trying to clean the stained area(who puts carpet in by the garage?) and now it just looks greige instead of beige. FABULOUS.  I really wanted to be able to wait until next year-for when Em will have “mastered” walking to put in wood floors-but this is just miserable. We have deep-cleaned the areas with carpet cleaner and shampooed the carpet and it still has the nice gray trail of doom. YUCK. Granted-downstairs is relatively small-it would still break the bank at this point. Repeat- any takers?

On a positive note I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to be an advocate for products and companies that I believe in.  I am thankful for the opportunities this little space of internet has afforded me and am excited to share in the next couple of weeks what I have going on…

How are the kids?

We are all healthy!  For the first time in over six months all of us are healthy!  Now that I just typed that out a kid is going to sneeze on The Toddler… alas.  Well, with that- the carpet cleaning was a fiasco today-the grout is clean enough to eat off of-but no one in their right mind would-and Em is now awake from her nap!

Thanks for continuing to follow along!  I appreciate truly appreciate your support!

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