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Weekend Festivities


Hope your weekend was wonderful! We started out with a rough patch with both little ones spotting a fever-luckily the crud only lasted 24 hours and were feeling much better come Saturday morning. Saturday morning we spent getting haircuts for the guys, grabbing coffee, and then it was time for my first Galentine’s Day Party!


Lovely Bloggers Photo Cred: Photography Hill

The Arizona Blogger Group met-up in downtown Chandler to hangout, enjoy delicious Waffle Luv treats, Sharis Berries, and a small gift swap.  Goodness did it take me long to figure out what I was going to wear… hear me out. I’ve lost 40 pounds in the past three months(all the baby weight is gone-HAZZAH!) and the clothes that fit are now rightly five years old back from my teaching career… AND BOY has fashion changed.  Flare pants? Well, I have A LOT of flare pant jeans.

Having to buy new clothes is not a bad problem to have.  A lack of style sense is though.


Lovely Bloggers Photo Cred: Photography Hill


 Lovely Bloggers Photo Cred: Photography Hill

Galentine’s Day Friends

I LOVED meeting people “In Real Life”-one’s that I have followed for quite some time on social media.  So nice to see that they are just as great, if not more so, in person! We already have plans for a more casual meet-up later on. LOVE THEM.

When I got home Emma Marie and Raymond both grabbed my goodie bags and asked about my time.  I love walking in and seeing them excited to see me. It’s not often that I’m away, seeing as I work at night or when they are sleeping. It’s the little things in life.

After being tackled, we all got our swimsuits on(the kids) and washed the Prius, splashed in puddles, and rode bikes through said puddles.


Selfie with The Little Man



Not Impressed- But she LOVED her loaded nachos.

After demolishing our dinner, it was off to bed.  We called it an early night, because? Tired.

Sunday we decided to go see the Peach Blossoms and visit Schnepf Farm.  So off to the “real farm” we went. Gorgeous day for a stroll.  Loved the new farm stand with fresh organic veggies-so good that Raymond and Em ate two whole peppers on our adventure(while the hubby and I finished the biggest cinammon roll known to man). Because? #Priorities AND I ran into a lovely friend from college and got to meet her little man.









We ventured to the back of the farm to feed the goats! Emma Marie had watched Raymond feed them the past three visits and finally garnered up the courage to feed them. Giggles and squeals echoed through the peach trees.

At home, while Emma Marie took a nap I went through 16 boxes in our garage FULL of baby items that we no longer need. I just wanted to go through it and get it done because it is tied to so much emotion as I was not prepared to be “done”. BUT there are friends having babies and well? We are not. So packages of baby goods have been readied. Feels like a big load off of my shoulders.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Did you do anything fun this weekend? Any style advice?(help a girl out)

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  1. You always look cute! For some reason I’ve been hanging on to all my teaching clothes from almost 5 years ago now. I don’t know why because even if I were to go back to teaching I wouldn’t wear that style anymore. Yes, lots of flare! Ha! Looks like you had a fun weekend. So jealous of your fun local blogging events! Our area never has any :-(