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12 Weeks Pregnant with #2

  • How far along are you? 12 Weeks Along- Almost out of the dreaded First Trimester.

  • How I’m feeling: The exhaustion that hit me- just like it did with D- was almost unbearable because the Toddler is a bundle of joy-energy-and he needs an outlet-daily.  Unfortunately, I have been so tired- like can’t brush your teeth- comb hair-put on the right clothes-that taking care of myself-sans eating(totally necessary) was put on the back burner.  Instead every little bit of energy I had was put into making sure my baby boy was taken care of and that he had fun each day.  What that “fun” looked like-varied- day-to-day.  But outings were shut down to one a day because getting out of the house twice?!? Was out of the question.  Besides who wanted to see me? Teeth not being brushed til halfway through the day- hair, long and wild- clothes? Yep- yoga pants-yoga pants-yoga pants.

  • Total weight gain: Seriously- I don’t weigh myself at home. Unless I have a bout of stomach flu like back on my 28th Birthday- where I went down to College weight(and below)- too skinny for my taste.  So my thoughts? The belly is round.  Looks like a small melon.  I can hide the bump with a sweatshirt- but nope I wear that baby loud and proud now with snug cotton sweaters.  My goal is to own my belly-more so than I did with my first pregnancy.

  • How big is baby?  The Little One is the size of a plum.  Over two inches long! Getting bigger each and every day!

  • Maternity clothes:  Yes. Yes. Yes.  Sure I can fit easily into any of my pre-pregnancy pants-shorts-tops-but I don’t want to be uncomfortable in the least as I chase(herd) the Toddler.  So yoga pants, Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans, Cotton tops and the belly band!-more on that in a sec.

  • Stretch marks? Heredity messed up on this one.  Even in college if any muscle got bigger I would get stretchmarks. No questions asked.  BAM there they would be.  With D- for some reason the Belly God’s thought they would mercifully let the belly be stretch-mark free.  I am not holding my breath for two-for-two.  But one can hope.

  • Sleep: AWFUL.  Getting up multiple times a night.  The body pillow helps- but not enough.  I finally broke out the belly band-the thing that helps you wear pants and shorts later into pregnancy-and boom slept more than I had in weeks- WEEKS.  The saddest part of the whole not sleeping thing is that D has been sleeping between 12-14 hours a night- and he usually only sleeps 11- and I have been missing out on quality shut-eye. DARN.  I guess its just a little reminder of how tough life with two little ones will be.

  • Best moment this week:  Feeling the Little One move around.  Starting to feel movement last week-just like with D- and I forgot just how magical it really is.

  • Movement: Check Above. <3

  • Food cravings: Chicken Strips- homemade fries- apple juice.

  • Food aversions: Anything not listed above.

  • Labor signs:  None.

  • Belly button in or out: In.

  • What I miss: Sleep.  But its nothing that I can’t handle.

  • What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing the Little One in the future ultrasound!


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