My Little Family

-Holly Marie-

Our house is a continuous work-in-progress and I strive to make personal touches with the help of Pinterest.  I just refinished all of our cabinets in our kitchen and bathrooms a little sweat goes a long way!  If I can do something myself, I will.


Raymond (2011)-

Rambunctious. Caring. Sweet & Gentle.  His size may fool you but he just turned two! Yes, those are 4T outfits he is wearing. Yes, I may have shed a tear while packing all of his baby clothes away(so fast mind you-he literally wore 6 Month clothes once).

LOVES: The beach, eating leaves, the park, water in general, giving sweet kisses & hugs. We are so very blessed to have him in our lives. <3

-Ms. Em(2013)-
 Emma Marie- Constant smiles-happiest baby on the block!  She has gorgeous blue eyes & dark brown hair.  Love watching her explore and discover the world! She babbles and constantly tackles her brother… all out of love I’m sure.


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