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Weekend Update!

Friday I came home from work and hit a cleaning binge “frenzy” mode: quickly did four loads of laundry, folded, put most away, washed all the little things from the consignment sale in either the washer or the dishwasher for proper disinfection, everything else was sprayed down adequately with lysol-type spray.

Frenzy Over.

Gabe treated me to a wonderful dinner… pasta, my favorite! AND he was a trooper after some last-minute squabbling about yoga and did his best.  Yoga is soooo relaxing and it definitely makes my whole body feel better afterwards. Complete relaxation/workout. BEST.COMBO.EVER.

Saturday we woke up incredibly early! This baby is incredibly strong and makes it a point to know when he is awake.  We enjoyed some yummy coffee in the morning and then hit up Costco to get some necessities.  We are all set for some great BBQ Chicken, Salmon, and Big Beef Burgers = YUM

We came back and deep cleaned the whole house which left me completely and utterly exhausted(swollen legs and all).  Captain America + toll house cookies + Target Shopping rounds out our Saturday.

Sunday started off early and ended early- hello pregnancy exhaustion.  Coffee… strolling around Gilbert’s Outdoor Mall… Swimming- just keep swimming…just keep swimming and yoga!

I can’t wait for the temperature to dip into the 80s because that will be perfect walking/jogging weather!  It’s almost September!

Got to see Nikki today and baby Gaby! Gaby is so much bigger than when I lost saw her! Such a cute-petutie! Great to talk about pregnancy… babies… our lives! Missed her so much!

I came home to Gabe cooking on the grill and I whipped up(haha-the extent of my cooking) some garlic, wheat pasta. D-E-LICIOUS!  After a swim I am wiped and ready for bed! 

The Buddha Belly is large and in charge.  Baby continues to kick most of the day and night.  And this Mom is finally feeling like we are ready for the baby! woohoo! <3 blessed

What’s in a name?

Dirk Raymond


origin: German

meaning: Famous Ruler                                                       


origin: English

meaning: Counsel protection

29 weeks!

How far along? 29 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants and regular pants with the belly band=I still fit into all of my regular clothes in the thighs, hips and rear just can’t button over the belly, regular tops with the occasional maternity tops… don’t want to buy many maternity tops=waste of money
Stretch Marks: I feel the stretching…. fingers and toes still crossed

Sleep: no sleep…. well, little to no sleep… I sleep in a fortress of pillows

Best Moment This/Last Month: Seeing Baby’s Face

Movement: Almost non-stop… he is strong and should be exhausted! He has reversed his hours and is awake whenever I am at rest = not good

Food Cravings: Fruit, protein: YUM

Gender: BOY

Labor Signs: Small contractions… braxton hicks… one day of complications so far : /

Belly Button in or out? In- but you can’t really see it anymore: it’s hiding and looks bruised.

Wedding rings on/off? On

What I miss: Not having back pain and feeling rested, oh and not having ice packs on my ankles every night

What I am looking forward to: My Shower that is being thrown by my best-est friends <3 family <3!


Dear Baby,

You are my precious little one, even though you are not even born yet.  I feel such an incredible connection to you!  When I first found out that I was carrying you, I was so happy and there were a TON of tears.  It has not always been easy, though.  I was quite dizzy and exhausted in the beginning, and you have been a little feisty thing, twisting and turning so that even the ultrasound tech took notice to your amazing ability to evade the cameras.  But you should know that we love you more each day, and we promise to love you forever.  Thank you for coming into our lives!



Ultrasound Pics 27 Weeks 6 days

Mean Muggin the Camera: Not a Happy Camper
The force is strong with this one : )
Look Mom! The hand I have been punching the camera with all morning!
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