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First Halloween Trick or Treating

Please excuse the shaky-ness…. Gabe was relishing in the moment and watching D instead of the camera(which is fine by me).  And yes, D takes a few tumbles… which sound much worse with a bucket than they are : )  LOVE our neighbors!!!

My Little Giraffe

My Little Giraffe

TV Stand Fixer-Upper


Our little football stud : ) He will learn to throw a mean spiral!

Blurry Before Pic

Not in a million years did I think we could afford to buy an actual TV stand.  The one we have been using is an old just-outta-college coffee table that I bought my first year teaching.  Well, if you sell something on Ebay- like I did- then you can- SCORE! FYI- I like the sketchy Craigslist better for selling things- no shipping, paypal, or ebay fees.
And low and behold- the Ikea Junk Room- that’s what we call it- had a beauty waiting for us.  Price- marvelous- over 75% off-which was clearly correct because the paint was chipped, there were large scratches and dents in her and she was an ungodly white color-yuck.  Our house has enough white in it.  Perhaps someone would like to donate a Lowes/Home Depot GC for some paint? Because I could fix-her-up in a jiffy- our downstairs could use two gallons of a soft gray(my favorite color now).  No? Okay then-back to the story.
We fit her in the Green Lantern.  With a car seat.  Because frankly we just went to get ideas for decor/birthday party gifts for our house and didn’t even remotely think we were going to buy anything.  Well, we made it home.  After Dirk was snug in his bed I got to work.  I cleaned the piece thoroughly, sanded down and then re-cleaned before getting out one of my favorite free cans of paint…. sense a trend here? YES.  Almost all of our cheap-looking black furniture in our house has been painted a soft, muted gray.  The color works well for all of the light we get here in the desert and it works splendidly with my accent colors.  Plus, the stark contrast of black vs white has now been erased.  Thank goodness.


Oh yes, the debate was on…
                                           Side-by Side Action- LOVE the transformation.

1st Birthday Party Prep

It is almost here.

Cue meltdown and dramatic music.


Craigslist Hunting = MISSION COMPLETE(yep that is Gabe grabbing D before he man handles the big toy)

Side Project- For the Kid desk I am painting-will do a tutorial later on…. stay tuned.
We saved…saved…saved… for this bad boy- Dirk’s present from us.  We got it on sale, with free shipping and no tax from Amazon.  Took about 45 minutes to put together- hope he loves it as much as we do : ).

Now just need to get my act together and make a list of what to do to finish up… it will be the GRAND-DADDY OF ALL LISTS….
But no matter what- on his birthday-we will have fun & enjoy every single second we get to spend with our little man. <3
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